Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fashion as couples Therapy: Aldens Edition!!

Once more the Big Book catalogs of the 70s always had those groovy His 'n Her coordinated fashions to make a statement!

Hoodies, jeans, and muscle shirts Oh My!!  And on the beach too.  Kind of looks like Kathy is holding the guy's hand out away from her.  Sorry dude, that's not a good sign!  And the guy on the left is trying WAY too hard.  And from the gal's facial expression, she's not buying his groove!

Not Kathy, but still groovy his 'n her fashion fun!!  The guy definitely does not suffer from "hover hand" syndrome.  He's for sure going all in, but the gal's reaction?!?  Er, not so positive.

Well this pic is a bit difficult to interpret.  No hover hands going on, but the obvious space between them looks a bit, well, awkward.  Those T shirts just bespeak 70s style - beer and nature.  Not sure that's a match, but in this case I guess so! 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Random Goodness: JCPenny FW 73!!

Which means some lovely pics of some of our favorite models!!

The dress lengths still tended to the mini side, which was nice!!  So who is that in the small inset pic??
I do believe that it is none other than Kathy going incognito in a wig!