Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day from the Men of Mantique!!

Yep dear readers.  They're back and badder than ever.  The one, the only,........

The Men of Mantique!!

And just in time for Father's Day!! And you thought that a card and a golf shirt would do!?!?! No, no, no dear readers!!!  In the 70s, Father's Day gifts were much, much snazzier!!  Leisure suits, jumpsuits, giant collars oh my!!

And Funky, let's not forget that the Men of Mantique were nothing if not "Funky!!"

Now, now, I understand that this Mantique Madness may be too much for some of our sensitive readers.  So let's step back and check out the ladies!!

The poodle is NOT amused by The Mantique Madness!!

 Yeah, These gals look every bit the opposite of The Men of Mantique

But the ladies were ready to throw down some funky clothes and party themselves!!  This was the 70s after all.  And when they showed up what were teh guys wearing?!?!?

Mantique!! That's what!!  In bold and hard-hitting sport coats!!!  That, my friends, is the Magic of Mantique!!

Oh, Happy Father's Day to all!  Enjoy your boring polo shirts while dreaming of Mantique!!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Bodysuits and Miscellany! Oh My!

Take The Young Approach.......

And I wonder what the author was thinking when he wrote that. Better not go there!  Let's face it, there's a whole lot of cuteness going on here.  Kathy is wearing something called "shortcake."  Not sure what to say about that!!