Sunday, April 21, 2019

Random Weirdness: The Look Down!

Apparently one of the standard "go to" poses in modeling was "The Look Down."

Here three of the four models are executing "The Look Down" move in unison.  And with The Look Down, normally there has to be a reason, right???  Kathy is holding her necklace, the model in the middle has her hand on her chin, and Shelley is holding some kind of ball?!?!

Kathy again with a classic Look Down pose.  Often "The Look Down" was combined with "The Lean In" and "The Head Tilt."  All three of which are incorporated by the models here.

Kathy, Joan, and another model in another variant of "The Look Down."  Often the models would appear to looking at the same spot on the floor.  Not sure what they are looking at here.

Kathy wasn't the only one of our favorite models to perfect "The Look Down."  Here Karen and another model show us how it's done. 

Kathy and Shelley in another "Look Down, Lean In, and Head Tilt" combo.  Apparently the other model just went with "The Head Tilt" by itself.

Dottie, Karen, and Colleen relax by the beach with some Look Down poses.

And finally, the all time classic Look Down pic. And yes, it's a re-post but I just had to add it.....
That's a committed Look Down pose by Kay and Kathy!!  Perhaps this should be called "The Head Snap" pose instead!! (pic courtesy of Blue Senshi, thanks!)

So What about those other, related poses like "The Look Up" or The Look Away" or perhaps "The Flamingo??"  Well stay tuned to this site dear readers and I bet that we'll explore those as well in the future!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Random Goodness: Spiegel!!

The cry went out....More Kathy...More Barbara.  And finally the pleading of the people reached the highest levels of the Great World Wide Corporation of Catalog Blogging. 

And the answer??? "let's give them more Kathy and Barbara!!"

Just a classy pic from the 70s Big Book catalogs - fun, innocence, and energy all rolled into one!!

And here you have the bonus of the cool dude trying to impress Kathy with his AWESOME yellow boom box!!

Nice pic, may be a re-post, but hey why not?!?!??

One final pic of Kathy, Karen, and the gang!!