Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Random Goodness: So What Happened to the Hats??

The idea for this post came to me recently when my daughter had to stay at our place for a few days because the roof on her town home was being replaced. You see, being a night shift nurse, she has to sleep during the day. 

Which gave me the opportunity to once again ask "So what happened to the hats???"

Yeah, I mean the little white nurse's hat (you just KNOW that my daughter loves it when I bring this up!!)  I loved the hats!!!  What the heck happened to them???

White hats and white outfits, that was the standard nurses uniform at one time!!

Some nurse's hats were bigger than others. Perhaps that denoted some kind of rank or something.

Even back in 1972, you could start to see the trend away from the hats....

And away from the all white uniforms.  That made Kathy, and even Colleen, smile!!

Still I miss the hats, just don't mention it to my daughter!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Winter Safety Notice!!

As a service to my readers during this winter season, remember this safety tip....

Fight cold feet, wear sleepers.......

As these lovely ladies are doing.  You can't go wrong with that advice!!

But don't worry, summer will be here soon and we'll have a whole new set of groovy 70s swimwear to heat things up!!