Saturday, June 15, 2019

K Club Special: Kay Campbell, Go Speed Racer!

Wow, where did the time go??  It's June already which means we are pass due for another K Club Special....

Kay on the cover of Aldens, which is a little odd since she didn't appear in that catalog as much as the others.  But of course the whole pic is odd with the plane, the goggles, and well, everything ready for a race!!
Speaking of racing, it turns out that our Queen of the Catalogs was another queen. Back in 1966, Kay was Miss Sebring for the 12 hour endurance race.  How cool is that!!

 Kay with Jackie Stewart!!

 And again with Jackie.

 Learning from the best!!

A lucky fan!!

All of the preceding pics are courtesy of (as if you couldn't tell.)
Now back to the catalogs

Sine we started with Aldens, let's keep going.

Still with Aldens  Now we have "Glow of Nailheads." Sounds so very alluring!?!

Now for another break from the catalogs, here are some pics of Kay courtesy of the Facebook site Popular Models of the 60s and 70s,

Read for a walk???

A pic I've posted before but this is a better version.

Sweaters says it all!!

Another pic I've posted before, but a better version.

Groovy threads of the 70s!

Lucky pooch!
 Again back to the catalogs!!

 Cute Kay was my favorite pose by her!

From hoodie to scarf.

Another cute Kay pose.

Wow, not sure how many of that pantsuit combo they sold.  Kind of looks like a bad acid trip!

Another cute Kay

Kay with Wendy

Let's go back to the summer of 69...

Three Kays to end this post.  Kay had quite the career!

One final note, there is an organization that is planning a celebration of that famous 1966 Sebring race won by Ford complete with a replica of the winning car, a GT40 roadster.  It is scheduled for next year.  I  wonder if Kay will be Miss Sebring again???

Friday, June 7, 2019

Random Weirdness: What the Heck is Going on Here????

The more I looked at this, the more confused I got.  Perhaps some reader out there can come up with some theories..............................

Okay, it appears that Kathy has her right hand around the guy to her right and he has his left arm around her.  So far, so good. BUT the guy on her left is apparently tried to cut in as he has his right hand behind her AND she has her left arm in an awkward position as if she is trying to push him away. Or perhaps she's giving him an elbow to the ribs.

Overall a very awkward pose.  Perhaps she is trying get rid of both of them??? After all with those white shoes both guys are wearing, who could blame her.  Her expression does tend to say "Get me out of here!!"

Since we are on the subject of his 'n her fashions....

Well, well, well, it looks like the guy on her left in the first pic must have won out after all!!  And the guy that was on her right??  Well he's consigned to wear a, uh,well, a "peasant look top."   VERY masculine I must say!!

So if anyone out there has any ideas that could explain all of this, by all means please feel free to comment.

Wait, we may have a clue in the title of the second pic "...To Keep You Swinging."  Hmmm, it was the 70s after all.