Monday, May 22, 2017

Great Expectations - Part 6!!

"First comes love, then comes marriage (last week), and then comes baby in a baby carriage (this week.)"    But with the Big Book catalogs of the 70s you could spend that "special time" in style!

And  there we see how the gals of the 70s spent that "special waiting time".  All smiles here.  Except, what is Kathy doing in a wig?!? This isn't a wig post??

Hey, that's much better!!

 Ahh, no post on maternity wear would be complete without the timeless and classic "tent dress." No way these models can make THAT look sexy!!
Well, I stand corrected!!

Whaaat? Another maternity pic of Kathy in a wig??

A random maternity pic, it isn't even randomly weird, just random........

You KNOW why I included this pic. Yep, the hat - gotta love that hat that Kay is sporting.  BTW, it sure seems that Wendy Hill is in a lot of these maternity pics?!?

Matching hats, shoes, and purses. Remember ladies - accessorize.  That's the key to a successful pregnancy!

Oh come on!  Nobody is this happy when they're pregnant.  Well maybe they would be if they were stepping out in these groovy 70s style.  And in case you're wondering: Yes, Kay's left hand is sporting a wedding band.  Remember that this was the 70s and like we said at the top "First comes love, Then comes marriage, Then comes baby in a baby carriage.  (Of course the other model is hiding her left hand, so we're not sure is going on there!)

Just so there's no doubt about it!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

That's So 70s: Say Yes to the Dress - Part 6!

Yep, the wedding season is upon us.  And as I mentioned in the last post on 70s weddings, one of my daughters is going to be the MOH at her friend's wedding in about, oh crap, it's next weekend!! And I don't have a THING to wear!  Not to worry, these 70s (and 80s) Bride's magazines will give us plenty of help!

Well maybe they will be of help.  After all, this was the era of the Big Floppy Bridesmaid Hats (BFBH for short). (1)

Need I say more, BFBH galore!

This bridesmaid is like "Okay, whatever, you're getting married before me, so what.  That's no reason to make me wear this dress."

And when the brides didn't force their wedding party to wear the BFBH, they made them wear something equally weird - like pill box hats.  All I can say is "That's Sooooo 70s!"

Okay, this is getting just bizarre at this point.  Both the women are looking down on the girl thinking "Yes, little one, you will be scarred for life."

Oh dear, this post is really going off into the deep blue end here!  The expression on the little girl's face is screaming "Why, why, why..."

Speaking of the groom's party, I need some ideas for next week's wedding....
Apparently the ruffled shirt, lavender tux look was all the rage back then.  This lucky guy has two babes scoping him out.  However, I'm not sure this would work for me (Don't want to upstage the bride, ya know!)

Of course, the guys back then (like now) are less about the wedding itself, and more about the honeymoon...

Well, maybe not this guy.  This is simply cringe worthy: he's leaning in, shes leaning while avoiding the direct kiss. Her expression is saying "Loser."  Basically his only purpose in her life is to be something to grab in case she starts to fall over the side of the boat.  I think the honeymoon is already over for this guy!

Now this is how's it done!  Frustrated Boat Guy could learn a thing or two from this Smooth Operator!

Yeah, uhh, right.  The most important consideration is the mattress.  Of course if its Frustrated Boat Guy, then it doesn't matter - he's probably sleeping on the couch anyway!

Confession time here dear readers.  I kind of messed up.  I should have done this post about a week earlier. Oh well, better late than never......
Yep, that's our Kathy.  No BFBH here!!  And that is Karen Welch and Wendy Hill. (2)


(1) Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks.  And, BTW, it is from 1982, very late in Kathy's modeling career.

(2) I really debated whether to include this or not.  I have a policy of only posting items that are of a commercial or professional nature (no personal photos.)  However, this did appear in a Modern Bride magazine, so it's fair game (I hope!)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bodysuits - Part 11, Yeah Baby!!

Okay, okay, we've had fun with the Men of MANTIQUE for the last couple of weeks.  Sooooo, everyone close your eyes, cleanse your mind.  Now open them and scroll down..........

 YES!  Bodysuits are the answer, the answer to finally, FINALLY getting this blog back on track where it should be!  Kathy and friend are all smiles as there is no sign of Mantique Madness anywhere.  But that raises another quesiton.  Where did this pic come from?  Well, dear readers, THAT is for another time!

Good Lord  Karen, Diane, and Kay are, well, smoking hot in the bodysuits!

 And the bodysuit hotness continues!!

I really don't know what to make of this pic, except the gal in the upper left appears to be enjoying her bodysuit maybe a bit too much (I'll have what she's having!)

What a shame, what a shame.  This pic is good, but it could have been great except for the black and white.

Shelley, Mick, and Pia get in on the hot bodysuit action!

 And now for our second mystery pic.  This time of Colleen.  I have no idea here this pic came from.

But we have one mystery pic solved.  Longtime readers of this blog may remember that way, WAY back at this blog's inception I had a post of a Mystery pic that was just the faces of Kathy and Karen from this Photo.  Now the mystery is solved!!

Now for the closeups.  I like Karen's sense of style here!!  Forget the mini skirts, just wear a bodysuit!!

And a very nice pic of Kathy and Karen to end this post on.  Maybe on the next bodysuit post we'll solve teh mystery of that first pic.  Until then, Ciao!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

K Club Special, Part 34 - The K Club

Well now.  After that bizarre and unexpected turn in the history of this blog last week with the Men of Mantique, it's time to return to our main them - the Big Book catalog models of the 70s.  The ladies that is!!  Sorry guys, after last week, we won't be seeing much of you for a long, LONG time (hopefully.)

So what better way to cleanse our minds of  Mantique Madness than with a K Club special that focuses on, well, the K Club!! (1)

Kathy and Karen!  What a duo!! And that is what we are going to do in this post - duos of all the famous K Clubbers!!

What an incredible pic of Karen and Colleen!!  Although I'm not too sure what they are looking at over there?

And now the duo of Karen and Kay!  Hmmm, it seems that this post is a series of match ups of all the K Clubbers!

Boy Cut Jeans??  Kathy and Colleen would never be mistaken for boys.

Nope, never....

 So now we move on to Kay and Colleen. Tweed look sweaters never looked so, well, tweedy good!!

And that deserves a closeup!!

So we've had pics of Kathy and Karen, Colleen and Karen, Kay and Karen, Kathy and Colleen, Kay and Colleen.  So, we only have one combination left!

Kay and Kathy!  That will make a complete set of duos of the K Club!!  Hey wait, isn't that Kathy in the inset pic??

Yes it is !!  And that's a great way to end this post on the K Clubbers!! Thank goodness, that crazy  Mantique nonsense is but a distant memory........wait, what's that I see....surely not...        wait........Oh Hell No!!



(1) For all readers that are new to this blog, the "K Club" is a nickname for four of the most popular Big Book catalog models from the 70s: Kathy Loghry, Karen Bruun, Colleen Corby, and Kay Campbell. main models of the 70s.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Random Weirdness: It's Time for MANTIQUE!!

WARNING!! The following material depicts scenes of extreme 70s fashion weirdness.  It may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive readers....

Ladies and Gentlemen, loyal readers, and guests, I bring to you what may very well be the most randomly weird, most groove-ily awesome examples of extreme 70s fashions.


Be forewarned that what you are about to see will elicit gasps of disbelief.  Once these images are seared into your mind, they will not be easily erased.  So, if you dare, get comfortable, fix a stiff drink (you're going to need it), and proceed forward.....


And nothing says MANTIQUE quite like long tunic vest.  I'm sure these guys were the coolest cats in the club!  What?!?  You were expecting the normal collection of hot 70s babes??  Sorry.  The ladies have been given the week off.  These awesomely cool man fashions deserve a post of their own.  In other words......


And nothing says MANTIQUE quite like crushed velvet leisure suits.  Oh wait, I though it was the tunics that said MANTIQUE.  So many choices!!!

Kay appears to be none too pleased about this shocking change for the Kathy Loghry Blogspot. (2) Well, that's too bad, because......


"But I don't want to wear a puffy shirt!!"  Sorry, puffy shirts are mandatory in MANTIQUE world!!

That's the look that says "Yep, I'm gay."

Yes indeed!  The MANTIQUE man certainly knows his fashion! After all one can never have too many leisure suits!

Words .Escape. Me.

Saturday Night Fever had nothing on MANTIQUE fever.  And I don't know what to make of that look by the guy on the right.  Perhaps he's scoping out that guy in the puffy shirt.........

This seems pretty tame by Mantique standards.  Oh wait, it's not part of the Mantique collection. That explains that!

What sort of man is a MANTIQUE man? Whether he's killing it in long tunics or crushed velvet leisure suits, he's always in style.  No matter what the season, he always has his babe at his side (except for that guy in the fifth pic, that's another story.)  He's a man confident in who he is and what he wears.  He is a MANTIQUE man!

I'm sure that by now many of my loyal readers are asking "Okay, these Mantique fashions are pretty awesome.  But HOW awesome??  Is there a way to measure that?"

Well yes, yes there is.  Remember our AI post from a couple of weeks ago?  Let's take that first pic and run it though the awesomeness meter..... says that MANTIQUE is 88.9% Awesome.  So its not as awesome as those pictures of Kathy and the gang, but pretty gosh darn AWESOME!!


(1) After putting this post together it dawned on me that perhaps I had the pronunciation of  the word Mantique wrong.  I originally assumed a Spanish pronunciation: man-TE-kay.  But perhaps it is French and is man-TEEK (rhythms with boutique.)  Either way, it's cool.

(2) Was Kay in every freaking catalog during the 70s?!?