Sunday, October 13, 2019

Get Ready for Winter!!

Forget the hype about about global warming, er cooling, er climate change.  Winter is just around the corner....
 Katy and Kathy (Jackson) get us started with some groovy winter styles form the early 70s.

 "These boots are made for walking"

I'm not sure what exactly is "nautical" about these style.  I do, however, dig the porn star 'stasch that the guy is sporting.

Hmm, that midi looks to be a bit on the chilly side to me!!!

 We've had a quite a few pics with Kay in them, why not switch it up and take a look at Shelley in coats and boots!!

And you gotta love the beret too!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Well, well, it's been a while since we looked at bodysuits, and that's a shame. 

Wow, Kathy in 5 pics on one page!!!  That's one way to get back into the bodysuit spirit!

So let's take a closer look of those pics of Kathy....
 Very noce!!

Any Kathy shows us how to wear those wonderful bodysuits!!

Pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi  Thanks!!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Sew Your Own with Sears Fabrics!!

Sears used to have a series of specialty catalogs that they put out that covered everything from farm equipment to fashion.  I haven't collected too many, they are too hit or miss for pics of Kathy.   But when the opportunity came to snatch a Sears Fabrics specialty catalog from 1974, well, I couldn't resist.  Let's see how I did.....

Well this is a promising start with Karen on the cover.  Where there's Karen, there is almost always Kathy (and vice versa.)

Basically here are all the pics in the catalog on one page.  If you look closely, you may tell that I could very possibly strike out on this purchase. 

There are a lot of pics of Sew your Own in this catalog that don't really merit much comment, Like here.

 And here.

 Ahh, another of our favorite models, maybe things are looking up!!
 Lots of white, but no sign of Kathy so far...

 Karen reprises her green look from the cover.

Yes, let's dress the ENTIRE family in orange polyester and white shoes.  What could be more 70s than that?!?!?

 Except more orange polyester, this time in gabardine!!

 Yawn, my hopes for Kathy pics are fading, fading........

Kay makes a late appearance.  She was in every Sears and JCPenny catalog in the early to mid 70s.  Prove me wrong....

 More Karen in green.  This is getting ridiculous. Surely there has to be at least ONE pic of Kathy.

 Finally!!  Not bad, I really like the orange scarf!!

Annnnd, that's it.  One pic of Kathy.  So this doesn't exactly inspire me to go out and buy those farm equipment catalogs!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Simpsons Sears is Back!!

And just in time for Fall................

 And why not start with parties???  The two on the right we all know, but the brunette on teh left looks familiar.  Anyone have an idea of who she is???

We have two amazing 70s fashion styles going on here. First on the left and center we have the "jacquard" pattern going on. And of course, the scarf on Kathy, very cool!!

 Here we have "Electro Knit" whatever that is!!  All in all it is shockingly 70s!!

 Kathy with a scarf and another "jacquard: pattern vest, must have been a thing in Canada back then...

So we'll end this post with a couple of pages of typical fashions from the Simpsons Sears FW catalog, like here.....

And here!!  Looks like we are getting ready for Fall already!!

Friday, September 27, 2019

More Spiegel Pants Goodness!!

So how do we follow up on the Speigel Tic Tac Toe post??

 With another post on Spiegel back to school pants!!

It's what all the cool kids were wearing back in 1974!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Spiegel Tic Tac Toe,..

"Play Tic Tac Toe".  I was confused when I first read that.  Then I realized that hey were referring to the sandals.

At first I thought that since there were three models that they were Tic, Tac and Toe.  Silly me!!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

It's Turtles All the Way Down...

With Turtle Bax...

Nice turtle!! Oh yeah, the models are pretty groovy also.

And there that's turtle again!! (pic courtesy of Just Seventeen website.)

No turtle here, nut the groovy green threads make up for it.
Instead of a turtle doll, here we have a real Galapagos turtle!!  Hmmn he doesn't seen too excited to be there!!

No turtles here, but we do have Shelley Hack in some hot pants!! (pic courtesy of The Shelley Hack Blogspot.)

 Well we have to end on pic with the turtle!!  After all we owe our turtle friends a lot!!

They hold up the earth!!  Remember, it's turtles all the way down!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Winter Wear...Already?!?!?

Yep, it's not too soon to start planning for winter!!

Those are some heavy looking coats.  I just they are getting ready for the global cooling.

From Simpsons Sears in Canada.  They probably know a thing or tow about keeping warm in the Great White North..

Like I said, but what about the ol US of A????

Karen and Kathy show us how to stay warm, Sears style.

Yep Kathy in a trench coat.

Lots of Uber Groovy 70s fashion going on here, especially the cap on Kay!!!

From Eatons, yes they do know know to stay warm up there in Oh Canada and do it in boot kicking style!!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sizzlin Sleepwear, Glamour Gowns

So what is sleepwear that isn;t for sleeping but instead for hosting a party???  Glamour gowns, that's what!!

Yeah, I think it;s a little weird too.  I guess the idea is for casual elegance.

So the ideas was of the elegant hostess in robes.  I know, I don;t get it either.

Or instead of hosting a party, you could wear them to the beach also!!!

Rande and Peggy finish off this post in style!!