Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kathy and Karen Mystery Pic

I'm posting early this week as I will be out of pocket for the rest of the week.  So this will be my last post of 2012.

I know from the blogger stats that this site has a steady following which is not huge but growing.  I also know that a lot of the material I've used so far is available on the internet from other sources for those willing to mine through all that.  However, I can promise this audience that I have been acquiring new material which I will begin to work into postings in 2013. 

Also I would like to begin to expand the blog's focus to include more pics from the other K Club members (Kathy Loghry, Kay Campbell, Karen Bruun, and Colleen Colby) and include other unusual items from the early to mid 70s.  You've probably seen me start to do that some already.  Don't worry though, the focus will still be on Kathy and her career.  I don't want to make this a general nostalgia site - there are plenty of those already.  I just want to include more of the other K Club girls in the future.  Let me know what you guys think.

We've had some fun and crazy posts in 2012.  And while I wish every pic was able to produce laughs, not every one can.  Below is a pic that I have in my archive of Kathy and Karen.  It is a really nice shot of both of them; however, I don't know where it is from.  Like an idiot I didn't attach any notes when I found it.  Any ideas out there?

I love the button-up-to-the-top shirts with the pointy, guy style collars.  That is sooo 70s.  Also Kathy's expression is a bit unique for her.  It is less posed and more spontaneous -  like someone snapped her picture at a party or something.  And it kinda looks like she is carrying a bit if a 'tude at the moment.

I believe shot is from some sort of catalog (you can see the A and B by each of them).  But I don't know which one.  Most catalogs didn't use a lot of background in their shots, so that is rather unique about this one too.  Any thoughts on where this is from could be welcome. 

Otherwise, I look forward to 2013 as this blog continues to grow!


  1. Thanks for all the pics! I have my niece hooked on catalog paper dolls and we are printing out all the ones of the "K" club and cutting them out for her to play with! Looking forward to more pics to come!

  2. These two girls....how many times did we see Kathy and Karen...Kathy and Karen ....such sweet girls!

  3. Yes, if there was one, almost always, the otehr was there also.