Friday, February 22, 2013

Deminy Daze 2 - Sew Your Own

Don't forget to check out the poll.  Last week, Pic 4 - Winning Ticket was the winner.
Maybe it just me, but back in the early 70s, modeling seemed a little different.  You could find the top models of the day on just about everything - nothing seemed to be off limits.  Check out this little publication for example....

Who the heck is Malina and how in the world did they manage to land both Kathy and Shelley to show off their groovy shawls and scarfs on their little leaflet?  I doubt an outfit like that could get a model of similar stature today.  I can see wearing the scarf on a cold winter's day perhaps, but not those shawls (at least not in public).  Come to think about it, Malina's almost invented the "Snuggie" here.  They were oh-so-close to making a fortune!

Kathy makes crocheting look fun!  The knit caps must have been all the rage back then.  Somehow, Kathy makes them look hot and hip at the same time (the shawl not so much, sorry even Kathy can't save that look). 

The shawls are getting even more bizarro.  I can't really comment on the thing Shelley is wearing without getting in a lot of trouble, so I'll move on.  Kathy has to be the absolutely cutest crochet model of all time!  How can she top that look?

By turning on the flower power, that's how!  On second look, I'm not sure what that green thing is on the hat and mittens - a cactus perhaps.  That really doesn't make much sense for a winter garment.  Still she almost makes me want to put down 35 cents (1) for this rag and take up knitting, well, almost.  On second thought, I'll stick to golf, thank you!

Footnotes: (yea, yea, can't do a a post without them)

(1)  For our younger set, the "c" with a slash through it next to the price is NOT a mangled euro symbol.  Believe it or not, that is what us old timers know as a "cents" sign, and it is the price in terms of pennies.  I know, I know, impossible you say.  Still keyboards used to have that that as an option, but no more.  First, not very many things could be priced at less than a dollar today.  Second, everything is done by bar code now.  My, my, how times have changed!


  1. I remember Kathy , I worked with her and believe me everyone love her! She was just such a nice fun person to work with, very professional. All of your postings bring back great memories of fashion and friends. Thanks! What's on next Friday?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I think that her personality really shows up in all these photos. All of these photo shoots seemed like they were so much fun! As far as next Friday, you'll have to wait!

  3. Simply love Kathy as the crochet model. Outstanding I must say!!! Keep the pictures coming of Kathy!