Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springtime Sears Sundresses - Part 2

Ahh, sundresses!  The very second post of this blog was on sundresses, and it's about time we do a follow up post, don't you agree?  What an excellent subject, and what a fantastic fashion style for our favorite model, Kathy Loghry, to highlight!.  As I mentioned in the first post on this sweet subject, they are quite simply an unfair advantage of the fairer sex!  How is possible for any red-blooded American male  to resist the charms of young ladies when Spring has sprung and they are in their sundresses - Lord have mercy!

Okay, okay, this is from JCP, not Sears.   I'm not going to get into that whole "alliteration" issue again.  Besides, JCP is about to go belly up, so let's give them a break, already.  Now, I challenge y'all.  Image that you are a young college frosh and deeply concerned about passing your next test on quantum mechanics in your Modern Physics class, and then WHAM! you see this walking down University Row!  Now do you understand how hopelessly unfair these sundresses are?  I mean, come on man!, give me a break already!

Okay, okay, now we have some summertime dresses from Sears.  And once again: WOW! How is a young, studious college man supposed to concentrate on important things like, oh let's say partial differential equations with glorious creatures like these on campus - simply not possible (I know from first hand experience).

So, what exactly constitutes a "sundress".  Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really know, and I don't really care.  Basically, any short dress that was worn in Springtime and knocked my socks off, I privately classified as a sundress.  However, here Sears has, fortunately, told us that these are sundresses right there in the title.  Kathy in that funkadilic scarf? I don't know about that one.

Somehow, I passed all my courses (including Modern Physics and Partial Differential Equations) so I guess those sundresses weren't TOO much of a distraction.  And let's face it, they made college life a little more enjoyable.  I'm going to regress a bit here, but just like these models, girls back then seemed to be a more innocent and sweet (1).  Sigh!, maybe I see the past through rose colored glasses, but still....

Karen, Kathy, and Colleen!   Three of the "K Club" gang in one pic!  I'm not sure these are "sundresses", but who cares?  These gals are rockin' it!  

Why not throw in a final pic of Colleen, Kay, and Wendy Hill for a final "sundress push".  Kay has got some serious "gull wing" collars going on there.  Not that I would have noticed that when I was younger, no probably not  (okay, once again, I may be guilty again of BUI - Blogging Under the Influence - and revealed too much, gotta stop now!).  

footnotes: (they're back after a few weeks off!)

(1) What I mean is that gals back then seemed to know how to be sexy without being overtly hyper-sexualized.  Sundresses were one of their primary weapons, used to good effect often.  Today, girls seem to confuse being sexy with trashy, in-your-face shock treatment.  No, no, no, the old ways that women back then charmed young men were MUCH more effective.  Don't you agree?


  1. I love the top picture of Kathy and Karen, what a team! All these girls a just Lovely...I would have loved them on my campus! Did you have any of them on your campus?

    1. Oh how I wish! No, not any of these fine individual lovelies, but where I went (OSU! Go Cowboys!) we had our share! Oh how I recount the times during the spring semester that I was ambushed similar creatures of exacting proportions that approached me! Lord have mercy! Okay, okay, BUI again - guilty as charged! Once again, women back then seemed to have that soft sexiness about them, sheet, where did that go?

  2. I can still feel the polyester on my skin! Honestly, I loved these dresses and Kathy cam definitely rock a sundress! Thanks for the photos! I still need to scan the one I have of Kathy with a black wig!!! Horrors!

    1. Polyester, nothing like the all-unnatural fabrics used back then!

  3. Polyester, nothing like the all-unnatural fabrics used back then!