Thursday, June 6, 2013

Denimy Daze - Part 2

Hah!  After last week's blog, I bet you thought that we were going to be looking at 70s fashions featuring stripes.  Well that was the original intent, but frankly I was getting bored with the whole plaids / stripes thing so I thought we'd give them a rest for awhile (however I have a sneaking feeling that the plaids won't stay gone for long!)

So let's take another look at 70s denim.  After all denim is something that is timeless in America lore.  I mean what can go wrong with denim?

See, that's more like it.  A nice pic of Kathy in a denim outfit - nothing crazy, nothing randomly weird in that special 70s way.  Nice!

Another nice pic of Kathy in a denim jacket.  See how calm and soothing this is without all the craziness!  Suave!

By the way, does anyone else wearing, no living, in their denim jackets in the mid to late 70s?  They were all the rage back them, practically de rigueur in my high school!

Oh no, things are starting to take a turn for the worse.  We're starting to get all "Urban Cowboy" here. Kathy is wearing denim - scratch that, she is wearing polyester that LOOKS like denim.  The horror, the horror.  And that "western" style shirt doesn't even have pearl snap buttons.  The Horror!  I do not like where this is heading!

Okay, we've officially crossed over to weird-ville here.  What, oh pray tell what, is that denim monstrosity that Karen is wearing?  It looks like C&W on acid (of course this IS the 70s do that is entirely possible - even in middle America).

Now we have western style stitching on some kind of white denim with big pockets .  Sorry, but that hat on Karen is NOT any kind of proper cowboy hat.  We are definitely spinning out of control here.   However, Kathy's outfit in the small inset pic is nice.  (Yeah!)

Okay, now we've done it!  Kathy is wearing denim pants with a horsey design on them.  What the ?????  And what is this about "Catch the Brass Ring".  And the knit hat on the model on the right? Huh?  What does this have to do with denim and C&W?

Of course, denim is iconicly American, indestructible, even by 70s standards.  What, oh what, could possibly go wrong?!?!?!?

Eke gads! Red Denim?!?!?! The horror!  Obviously this 70s trend did NOT catch on (thank goodness!).  What, oh what, where they thinking?

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