Thursday, September 12, 2013

K Club Special Part 4 - Kathy Loghry!

Welcome to our 1st Year Anniversary Special?  To kick off the 2nd year of this blog in style, we'll complete our initial round of K Club Specials (1) with a look at Kathy!


We know Kathy mostly from her extensive catalog modeling career.  She was everywhere during the early to late 70s in catalogs of all shapes and sizes.  Here is a fantastic shot of her from an Aldens catalog.  This pic has it all - the effervescent smile, the natural elegance, and the iconic beauty that made Kathy so popular!

Let's take a look back on her career!

The year 1968 was a big one for Kathy. She competed in two major national contests.  One has been covered in a previous post - the NCAA Centinnial Queen competition.  Although she didn't win, she snared one of the two runner up positions.  Here is a link to that post (2).......

In addition, she competed that year in a model search competition called Model of the Year that was sponsored by the Stewart Agency.  It was kind of a cross between America's Next Top Model and American Idol.  She made the finals which were held in NYC and broadcast on TV.  The thing was won by someone named Cybil Shepard (yeah, I never heard of her either).   However, all the finalists got modeling contracts.

Here's a page from the Seventeen Magazine article on the affair.  Kathy is on the second column, third from the bottom.

A closeup......

A color closeup........

That launched her modeling career. (3)  Here is an early composite pic of her!

You gotta love the tee-shirt!

Like many of the other models of that era, she did some work for Seventeen magazine....

I'm not sure what this is all about except that there is no way this guy is going to play house (or whatever the heck they are doing) unless there's a pretty gal like Kathy around, just doesn't happen.

Also like the other K-Clubbers, she was in a ton of print ads...

This ad is just awesomeness cubed!  Let's set the scene.  The dude has a large wiener (the hot dog, not the politician) and is holding it up high and proud . Meanwhile, Kathy has a much, much smaller wiener speared by a pitchfork.  And she is shoving that right in the poor shmuck's face while laughing an evil little laugh.  The message here is not so subtle - don't fool with a woman while she's taking Midol!  Based on the crowd's reaction, it is a total fail on the guy's part!

Kathy was literally everywhere during her career.  

I doubt that you'd see the top models of today pop up in places like this!  I remember seeing her pic on things like hair care products, etc.  

Of course, we here at this blog know Kathy best from all the groovy fashions of the 70s catalogs...

Here is an early pic from Sears...

Such a serious expression!.  Where did that million dollar smile go?

There it is! And with the wind (or at least a fan) in her hair!

The last catalog pics that I have of her come from 1979, so that is quite a long career!  Here is a pic from near the end of that career in 1978....

Still graceful!

And like many of the other models of that era, when her career ended, she sort of fell from public view.  This snippet from National Enquirer 1978 is the only info I have about her besides her photos.  Oh well, we still have plenty of groovy pics of her and the other K-Clubbers from the 70s to remember those halcyon days!


(1) For those of you new to this blog, K Club is the name I give to four of the main catalog models of the 70s: Kathy Loghry, Karen Bruun, Kay Campbell, and Colleen Corby.  All their names begin with a hard K sound, hence the name.  I've a special post on each one's career, and I plan to do more posts on the other catalog models whose names don't begin with a hard K sound (honorary K Club members).

(2) A link to post with more links, yeah I know.  However, be sure to read some of the articles in those NCAA Newsletters.  They are pretty funny in their own right.

(3) Well it launched her career as far as I know.  She may have done some modeling before that but I have no record of any.


  1. This is one of the loveliest posts. Especially having Kathy and Karen, two good friends at the top. They both were represented by Fashion Model in Milan, Can you find any of the Italian work?

    1. Thanks! I will certainly try to find some of their stuff from Italy. It may take some time though.

  2. That photo of Kathy in the green gingham is beautiful! I would never have known the early black and white photo and the last photo of her and Collen was her!

    1. So that's a gingham? Shows you what I know. The B&W composite pic was identified as her. Also, if you compare that to the 1st catalog pic of the early 70s, the expression is the same. The National Enquirer article identifies her by name (Davidson is her married name).

    2. The Enquirer pic is Kathy, but it doesn't look like her. She is pretty much unrecognizable in that shot. It's a really bad photo of her, made worse by the fact that in the late Seventies she had gotten too thin. The 1978 catalog shot just above the Enquirer one shows her face looking pretty much the same as the one in the Enquirer.

  3. One never gets tired of looking at Kathy....A lovely lovey young lady, soft and sweet. Where are the lovelies today?

    1. Good question - one that I ask myself alot these days. It seems to me that many of the young women today (even models) seem to have such a harsh edge to them.

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