Monday, April 14, 2014

Fashion as Couples Therapy (Part 5) What the Heck Let's Have Fun!

Sometimes I have a tendency to over think what I'm going to post.  So this week, after deep soul-searching and contemplation of the historical influence of Platonic philosophy on modern life, I threw up my hands and said "What-the-heck.  Let's have some fun!"   And what is more fun than His 'n Her coordinates from the 70s!! (okay, the 70s swimsuits are pretty freaky awesome too, but it's not quite the season for that yet).

So where are all the "cool" kids going to get their groovy coordinates?  Well they they boogie on down to "The Inn Shop" at Penney's naturally!  Platform shoes, wide collars, uni-color pants and shirts, and extra wide belts with just a hint of bell-bottoms - sooooo 70s!

We're still in "The Inn Shop".  Now with wheels and totally awesomely matched 70s sweaters.  Perfect for a Spring day of cycling with your lady!!

Yeah baby!, the "Inn Shop" is the most groovin', happen' spot in the JCP catalog!!  Forget those nerds with the bicycles!  Now we've got sports cars to impress the gals!

Leaving the Inn Shop, now we must be with the "out" crowd.  And stepping out in style they are.  You may have noticed that the fashions 70s had this thing about uniformity.  Perhaps it was a reaction against the hyper-individuality of the 60s or maybe because it was just so much groovy fun!

So where are the Kathy pics you ask?

Great shot of Kathy, but compared to the previous pics, these His 'n Her coordinates seem a little less flamboyant.

Well, we can change that!  High rise, blindingly yellow pants with disco-crazy shirts - that'll get us back on track.  Wait.  The belts are not matching!! The horror, the horror!!  (1)

This is an old scan that I decided to throw in at the last minute.  What the heck is going on here?  Obviously, the young lady is sweet on the dude on the right, but dufus on the left still thinks he's got a chance in the game.  Oh well.  Sorry, but I don't see it happening man, time to "let it go" and move on.....

Let's end on a pic with Kathy.  I don't know about those matching shirts, but the brown suede pants with the platform shoes are perfect for an afternoon out at the park!


(1) For all you younger viewers, the little pics running down the side are supposed to be like a roll of film.      That was when you had to put actual film in a camera, take the pictures, and then have them developed.  The entire process would take several days.  That was long before the age of instant selfie gratification.  I wonder what Plato would say about that?


  1. I am for once, speechless! I got nuttin'. Those clothes are hideous. What are those symbols on the pants in the first pic? And I have never seen such high waisted pants as those yellow ones. My husband would rather died a slow and painful death than for us to dress alike. Ok, so I lied, I always have something to say! LOL!

    1. Yep, those 70s coordinates were really something! It seemed like the attitude was "Hey, it's pretty goofy to dress alike anyway, so let's just get crazy, silly with it."

  2. Kathy, Colleen and Kay...I really like your new header!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to rotating the header pics more often. This pic is one of my favorites!