Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Goodness: Shirts, Skirts, and Assorted Miscellany (Part 2) !

One might argue that ALL the funkadelic fashions of the 70s were randomly good, and I would be hard pressed to disagree.  However, let's focus on the random goodness of shirts, skirts, and assorted miscellany of catalog fashions form the 70s.

Of course, I'm going to start with the skirts, and, oh, I don't know, what about some classic minis to get us started!!
And what would a post on 70s skirts be without some minis!  Yeah, the mini-skirt was more of a 60s thing, but they continued on into the 70s - thank goodness!  Here Kathy dazzles in three mini combos from 1972!

Yes, the era of the mini was a great time to be a young man.  We thought the good times would last forever...
What the ???? Yes, dear friends, it pains me to report that the mini gave way to the midi and, gasp, the maxi skirts in the mid-70s.   Kay and Karen still look great here, but, sigh, the mini was fading into the misty memories of glorious 60s fashions.

Surely this was just a short blip on the fashion radar, a wrong turn down a dead end fashion cul-de-sac that would quickly be rectified.  Surely the minis would be back soon!!
Ahhhhh, surely not!!

Oh well, the minis were great, but it's time to move on, time to let go......
Why this pic?  I don't know.  I guess it falls under the "Assorted Miscellany" category.

Well, let's see, we've covered skits, and miscellany.  Now it's time for some shirts...
Nothing particularly unique about tee shirts.  They're timeless, but the scarf?  I don't know.  That's sooo 70s.

Yes, yes, I know, they're blouses, not shirts, let's not get picky.  Here they come with matching watches, but of course, young people today don't wear watches (and they couldn't tell time on a dial watch or clock anyway, but I'm starting to sound like an old crank).

Still I miss the minis....
Yep, they will be missed by all.......

(Thanks to JJ's Playhouse for the last pic of Colleen).


  1. Ha ha! I owned the sailboat skirt except mine was blue. I loved that skirt! I am willing to bet that in the last photo Colleen is wearing a "scooter skirt" or "skort" as they are called now. Sort of a skirt/shorts combination deal! I see lots of mini skirts now days, none as cute as the ones on your photos though. Great pics!

    1. Either your mom brought almost every outfit modeled by Kathy from Sears and JCP, or I've been very lucky to post pics of outfits that you had! I've never heard the term "scooter skirt". Skorts are popular know, especially for golfers, etc. On the minis, yes they have made a comeback, but alas, they were out of fashion when I was a young man. Talk about bad timing!