Monday, November 10, 2014

What to Expect When You Are Expecting - Part 4!

The 70s Big Book catalogs covered every aspect of life.  Like we've discussed before, they were like our internet back then.  And those Big Books covered every aspect of life - even that "special" time for women.  Yes, they even had you covered then - all of you!

Yes, 'Stylish Super Separates" are just what the new mom-to-be needs to perk her up!  Look at the happy smiles!! That is what I remember when we were expecting (yeah, right).

WOW, talk about stylish!! Kathy and Kay are definitely super styled here!! It almost makes a gal WANT to get pregnant to wear these stylish clothes.  Okay, maybe not...

I'm sorry.  I just don't see "expecting" and plaid going together.  And, let's face it, in the later stages that much plaid ain't going to look too good.

More plaid for the expectant mom.  However, this plaid is a bit more subdued, perfect for the 70s!

No reason you can't join in with all the family activities - including swimming!!

"The Look is Versatile".  Well, it better be!  Fashion in the 70s was all about style and versatility - no matter what the occasion!

Kathy, Karen, and Kay looking hot.  No, wait, they are in maternity clothes so you can't say that, but wait, they are not actually pregnant so it's okay, but still.   Oh heck I'm confused!!

Ahh yes, the cutesy saying.:  "Under Construction" just to let everyone know (as if there was any doubt.) No doubt that shirt will bring back some memories out there!!

Let's face it, the 70s weren't just about discos and bell bottom jeans as we have seen here.  Even when a woman was expecting, she could still expect to stay fashionably attired 70s style thanks to those Big Book catalogs!


  1. If you look close, all of the models here and in your earlier "maternity" posts always have a wedding ring on if their left hand is visible. This may have been the 70s, but obviously the catalogs weren't about to tolerate procreation out of wedlock!


    1. That is a good observation. My have times have changed! Actually I think it is kind of refreshing compared to today