Monday, July 10, 2017

Fashion as Couples Therapy - Part 13, The Jeans Teams!!

As we have seen in previous posts dear reader is that the 70s were obsessed with couples dressed up in matching His 'n Her attire. Everything from PJs to ski wear to exercise gear had, HAD to been matching.  I mean, after all, how else could a couple proclaim its undying love for each other?!?

Well, that staple fashion statement of Americana was no exception.  I bring for your viewing pleasure: The Jeans Teams!!

And we start off with a DEFINITE fashion faux pas here.  The old "denim on denim" look, a definite no, no.  Except in the 70s when the look was popular for a while (at least I remember it in school.)

Hmmm, both guys seem to be quite forward here, but both ladies seem to not be that interested! Kathy has that closed off body language for sure, and the gal on the right is focused on the camera, not on the poor sap she's with!!  I guess the His 'n Her look isn't creating any chemistry here!

Well Colleen certainly seems content with this guy....wait!!  Those are coronary jeans!!  Does that count???

More corduroy!!  And now the hats too!  What is happening to this post!!  This is supposed to be about jeans!!

Maybe Kathy can pull us out of this corduroy nightmare and get this post back on track!!

ARRRGGGHH!  Triple the couples, triple the corduroy!!  And now with "Filmy-Gauze-Like" Sport shirts.   Sounds.....well....creepy!

 Sigh....The corduroy invasion of The Jeans Scenes in couples fashions continues....

Oh dear, now we have matching GREEN corduroy bell bottom jeans.  All I can say is "That's Soooo 70s!"

At this point I have given up all hope of recovering this post.  I surrender to the corduroy!!

Well, well, just when I had given up all hope, a return to sanity - regular jeans...well almost.  Kind of 70s style version of jeans with matching shirts, and you gotta love the wide belts!

White jeans?!?  These cool cats must have been part if the "in" crowd in school for sure!

Still, these jeans are missing something, that Je ne sais pas that makes jeans that All American fashion statement.  Maybe Kathy can help us out here.....

Mama, don't let you're babies grow up to be cowboys....Now that's the American Jean Spirit - Couple's Style!!  Westward Ho!!  These couples are ready to do some boot scootin' tonight!  Well, except for the guy at the lower left.  He seems to have lost his cowgirl...

Since I made a body language comment on the first pic, I'll do the same here.  You gotta love the guy with Kathy: (1) he's facing the camera while she is turned towards him, (2) he's got that charm boy smirk, and (3) most importantly, no mister "hover hand" here!!  You know he's thinking "I'm back in the saddle again..."


  1. that dark haired guy in the last pic is Doug Barr who later starred The Fall Guy

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