Saturday, February 29, 2020

Model Poses: Arm in Arm!!

We've looked at a few of the stranger model poses in past posts:  The Look Down, The Look Away, and The Flamingo among them.  But there's one that is not so much strange as it's, well, nice!!

It's the "Arm In Arm", and when you think about it, it's a little strange, but also, well, nice!!  Karen and Kathy demonstrate it quite well here with the added well known model pose "The Lean In."

Kathy uses the stool to good effect to show off those groovy 70 plaids and platform shoes.  Meanwhile those other Donna and Barbara are doing the Arm In Arm.

Kathy and Jill are locked Arm In Arm on their way to class.  Talk about driving all the college guys crazy!!

Another pose of the Arm In Arm.  Kathy had the technique perfected! Nice!!

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