Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Special Message to All My Loyal Readers

Yeah, the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD has gone stone cold mad!!  And yes, we have been impacted: one child lost her job and another has had her hours cut back.  And I am officially working from home, so as long as my laptop is functioning I guess that I'm still employed.

At this critical time, I want to reassure my loyal readers that....

Yes, a little levity is good, remember:

  • Be kind to family members, everyone is stressed
  • Be sure to call any elderly family members and friends, they are mostly isolated and that's not good at all for them.
  • Try to maintain as normal a daily routine as possible
  • Get some fresh air and exercise as much as possible, home workout videos are exploding online, so NO EXCUSES!!!  If anything, just take a long walk every day.
  • Stock up on liquor and ammo, wait too late for that now!!
So I will be posting regularly for the next few weeks, perhaps of happier times long gone.

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