Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kathy Loghry JCPenney Catalog Photos

Well this post is back to catalog pics!  Kathy was a mainstay model in the JCPenney catalogs during the early to mid-seventies.  Here are several that span that time frame.  Plenty more photos from JCP in the future.

JCP and Sears published two big book catalogs every year.  One in the spring and the other in the fall.  Getting these was always a big deal.  There was no internet then and these catalogs represented a connection to what was happening in fashion for the average household. 

The first photo is from the JCP fall winter catalog in 1971.  This is about as early a catalog photo of Kathy as I have been able to find. 

Kay Campbell is to Kathy's left.  The other model is unknown.  I'm not sure why you would want a leotard with a turtleneck.  Seems to me that it would be pretty hot but I guess the idea is that you wear a skirt over it (from the insert pic).  That way you can go to the gym straight away from work, rip off the skirt and jump into the aerobics class.  Also that combo doesn't seem real practical to me to wear all day (how do you go to the bathroom)?

The next two pics are from 1976

You'll notice the tiny pic of Kay showing the reverse view.  This was common in these catalogs, but why?  I think we know basically what it would look like from the front view.  After all neither of these outfits is too flattering on the figure.  It must have helped to move the goods because it is very common.  I don't understand why Kathy has her arms out.  It is like they wanted to highlight the massive sleeves on the weird tunic with the cool rope belt she is wearing.  Huh?  I don't get it.  Massive sleeves do not look good on any girl, even Kathy.

Another set of funky, fun outfits modeled by Kay and Kathy.  1976 was after the flower power era and just before the disco (ugghh) craze.  These outfits show the fashion confusion well.  They borrow from the hippie look - check out that cool hat that Kay wears - but they seem to be pointing to something beyond the hippie look, but what nobody will ever know because both outfits are a clear miss (even by the standards then).  The uber-long, featureless dress look didn't catch on.  Kathy seems to not be terribly comfortable in the long tunic with pants combo, perhaps she knows the outfit is hideous!

This last pic is from 1977.  This is about the end of Kathy's catalog model career.  I haven't been able to locate any photos past then.  Once again we have the awful, uber-long pants with bizarrely unflattering tops.  However Kathy's dress seems more conventional.  She is even holding a purse!  You'll notice how she poses as if she is walking forward.  Very common type of shot.  It must have taken real skill to hold that pose and make it appear that you are actually moving.  Who said modelling was easy!


  1. Having worn said "body suits" there is a good reason they went out of style! Very uncomfortable!

    Thanks for the photos! Kathy Loghry, Kay Campbell and Colleen Corby! The Big 3 in the JC Penney and Sears catalogs!

    1. The pretty middle girl w/big beautiful eyes in the white leotard is Terry Moore(not Kay or Colleen) from Tennessee. I know because I dated her. Mark Rook

  2. Yea, it seems that practical considerations were not the highest on the priority list for some of these designs. Hmmm, perhaps that gives me some ideas for future posts!