Thursday, January 31, 2013

That's so 70s - Winter Wear!

Yes, now that the snowy grip of winter has swept over the land, people every where are thinking about adding that special stylish extra to their winter wardrobe.  Of course, back in the halcyon days of the Big Book catalogs, they had that covered as well - and in that special 70s way no less!  Let's go back and see how "in crowd" styled the winter blues away!


Alert for all you PETA types - prepare to be horrifyingly offended in this and the following pics.  No "pleather" here.  No, no, no.  Only REAL leather will due back in 70s.  Hey Karen, do they have mail order catalogs in The Matrix?  A short leather coat is not enough for Kathy.  She has to really jazz it up in that weird cap / hat thing.  Speaking of winter hats......


Oh my, Kathy positively lights up the winter darkness in a neon red coat and stripped belt.  Naturally this outfit wouldn't be complete without the outlandishly over sized hat, which is perfect if you are a cold war era spy - you could hide all kinds of James Bond type gizmos in that thing.  Even the gloves are too big.  From Kathy's expression, it looks like she is about to burst out in laughter at any moment.  Colleen is so shocked, she has to avert her gaze!  What could be more crazy than that?  Glad you asked......


I told you PETA types that you may not like this post!.  Here we have fur (or at least cheap fake fur, This is Montgomery Wards after all).  Still I doubt anyone today could get away with wearing what appears to be a entire polar bear pelt in public (see girl next to Kathy if you couldn't figure that one out).

Apparently this style is called "Chubbies" from the title.  And I doubt it caught on.  Besides from looking absolutely hideous, what self respecting women would buy anything called "chubbie".   What was their advertising department thinking?  You can see early on why Montgomery Ward bit the dust!

The PETA horror show continues with a fake leopard print coat and more leather coats ("Designed and Finished in Minnesota" no less - as if that is some kind of selling point?  I don't get it).  For the rest of us, the fashion horror show also continues with the whacked out pantcoat in the middle - trimmed in fluffy white stuff, with same fluffy white stuff collar and, naturally, a matching fluffy white hat.  That gal is ready to step out and face the icy blast of winter in style!


It certainly is revealing how, not only fashions change, but what is considered socially acceptable to wear. I'm not sure all these changes are for the best.  Come to think about it, I suddenly feel the desire to wear a polar bear coat (just kidding, please no hate mail.  I know how crazy you PETA types can be).


  1. So what kind of animal did that black and white cape come from????? LOL!!! And that red leather coat kind of looks like my couch!

    1. Oh hard to say where the inspiration for the cape came from. I would hate to speculate about the creative thought process that went into any of these designs. I also noticed that the thing Colleen is wearing has multiple straps. Either these are for show only or it would be a real pain to try and button all those up individually each time. Of course fashion of those times didn't appear to put too high a premium on practical comfort.