Friday, March 8, 2013

K Club Special

Note: no poll this week.  It will be back in the future.
Well after the rather verbose opus last week (a cautionary tale of BUI - Blogging Under the Influence!), I thought that we'd change things up a little.  At the end of last year, I mentioned that I planned on doing more varied posts - ones with some of the different models.  Let's start with some pics of the other K Club members.  Also this week there will be more pictures and less commentary (I know how disappointed you must be!).  Don't worry, Kathy will be back (1) as well as other honorary K Club models (ones whose names don't start with a K sound).  Soooo, here we go.  

Here are the other three K Clubbers besides Kathy (Colleen, Karen, and Kay) in pretty much standard catalog attire.  Kay seems to be a little unsure about what is sneaking up to their left!

Country fresh prints?  What country exactly are they talking about?  Not really C&W from where I come from!

Nothing says 70s fashion quite like Dacron polyester halters and pants!  We also have the classic catalog pose of one model looking left, one right, and one straight ahead, very odd!

Yes, the look for Spring is a lively, sort of stripped, flowered pantsuit.  Perfect for afternoon tea or for afternoon tripping out! 

Yes, these dresses are indeed incomparable - if you are going to a Southern Ball.  Also the classic formal purses - so small as to be essentially non-functional.
Take to Heathery? Uhhh?  Whatever that is, it sounds kind of forbidden, like witchcraft or something.  I love the scarf on Kay.  It looks like an ascot from a man's smoking jacket ensemble.

A Short Story Told Three Ways: one in acrylic, one in acetate taffeta (sounds like a dessert!), and one in suede-textured rayon.  In other words, three stories of artificial, man-made fibers, that's soooooo 70s! 

Camouflage (camouflage), you should have seen it pop with her corsage...(2)  And we'll end on...a leafy pantsuit!  Perhaps Kay is trying to wear some kind of camouflage for Duck Dynasty!  Interestingly, camouflage wouldn't be considered a fashion statement back in the 70s, but now it is practically de rigueur in some social circles.


(1) Yea I know what you're thinking "Oh, he's just using some filler material this week to stretch out his collection of Kathy pics".  Well, you'd be kind of correct.   However, I do plan on branching out to include posts focusing on the other models, individually, and in groups.  Like I mentioned before, I want to use this blog as a means of historically chronicling all the fashion zaniness of this era.  Kathy will be back in force soon!

(2)  I couldn't resist at least one song reference, and a C&W one at that!  I bet not many blogs have lyrics from that song in them!

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