Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spiegel Catalog Hooliganism

Gentle readers, once again we must explore the beginnings of our society's culture collapse.  Last year we saw the hooliganism unleased by Glad Rags.  Now, I am sad to report, we must peer further into the beginnings of the abyss as we observe the contributions of Spiegel to this disturbing trend

Don't let the ribbons and balloons fool you.  These gals are obviously up to no good.  After all the title is telling them "Juniors...You've Got to be Young to Get Away With It".  Get away with what?  Right there you have solid evidence that the youth of that era had no regard, NO REGARD whatsoever, of prevailing social norms.  Yea, party and laugh and play like there's no tomorrow.  Que sera, sera.  Oh what will this behaviour lead to next?

What is it about children's playground equipment that brings out the worst in our favorite models?  Listen missy, you better not hang off the merry-go-round like that! There are rules you know!  And don't think that by wearing a USA tee-shirt that exempts you!  Of course the merry-go-round may not actually be moving since the brunette (anyone know her name?) has one foot on and one foot off the thing, but nevertheless, there are rules!

See, it starts out with flaunting the rules of the playground.  But it leads to this - walking down train tracks!  And with those crazy shirts, they are practically camouflaged to boot.  At this rate of moral descent, where will it end?  Kathy even goes one step further by taunting the train! Yea, laugh and play like it doesn't matter now.  

Just walk away Renee, you won't see me follow you back home....Yea, that's it, just walk away like the rules don't matter.  To make things worse, Karen is now on the rail, balancing on one foot.  

So now the truth is out.  The sad fact is that we can trace the beginnings of our culture's moral debauchery, our path to perdition, our descent into moral relativism to the seemingly benign and playful hooliganism of these big book catalogs.  Oh the horror, the horror!

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