Tuesday, December 17, 2013

70s Catalogs of Christmas Past

One of the truly sad aspects of modernity is the loss of one of my favorite Christmas tradition:  The Christmas catalog.  Long before the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and 10,000 TV stations, children all over the US would wait impatiently for the Christmas catalogs from the major retailers.  It really marked the beginning of the Christams season for many.

So let's check out some of those memories here...

Wow, are these gals waiting under the mistletoe?  Why couldn't something like that have happened to me when I was young?!?!

Classic Sears Wishbook fashions!  Why is Karen looking up at the sky?  I guess that is also a classic catalog pose!

Am I seeing double?  We have two sets of lovely ladies decorating what appears to be the same tree and, wait, it's the same girls, but in different clothes!  What's going on?  Perhaps there is something in the eggnog I've been drinking.

Long and elegant for that special Christmas party!  Kathy, Kay and Karen are all fantastic!

Nothing says Christmas gift from Mom quite like sweaters!  The kids wanted toys, but often got clothes, bleah!!

"Knit tunics for today, tonight, and tomorrow" hmmm.  This kind of makes you wonder what kind of Christmas party these are designed for?  Well after all this was the 70s...  That is Pia Buggert on the left and, of course, Kay on the right. I still haven't been able to identify the model in the middle.  Help!

Hats in real or fake fur - perfect for that chilly winter night out going to all the Christmas parties and events! Wait !  The top hat is gasp RABBIT!  Oh no, not Fluffy!!

And speaking of fun in the winter cold...

Why stop at couples dressing together when you can get the whole darn tooin' clan dressed up for that apres Christmas ski trip in matching cold weather apparel!

So the Christmas catalogs seemed to have something for everyone, what about mom?

Kitchen appliances!  Well at least its not a vacuum cleaner.  Still, dad may want to stay bundled up in that ski outfit - it may be a frosty winter ahead!


  1. Lovely picture of Kathy with the fur hat tied under her chin.

  2. How I loved the arrival of the Christmas catalog. We would fight each other for it then take a red pen and circle everything we wanted (pretty much the entire catalog). I had a hat similar to the one Kathy has on. It was fur, but was black and white. Guess what I got called???!!! Skunkhead! I hated that hat!

    1. Wow, sounds pretty traumatic!! You must have had some mean friends! Yes, we would do the same thing with the Christmas catalogs. The toy sections were basically in tatters by Christmas time!

  3. I want you to know how I love this blog. l remember some of the pictures... Wishing you a Happy Christmas and more images of Kathy Loghry.

    1. Thanks so much! I really enjoy doing the blog. Merry Christmas!