Tuesday, December 10, 2013

K Club Special Part 6 - Pam Erickson

So let's take a look back at the career of another popular catalog model from the 70s: Pam Erickson.  She was crazy big in the mid to late 70s in catalogs, teen mags, and adverts (sound familiar).  That was the popular career path back in the day.

Pam was more oriented in the mid to later 70s versus some of our other models.

Yep, she had that quintessential girl next door look.  Kind of like the kid sister of your best friend who always bugged you when you were a kid, then one day POW, she's all grown up.  Then your friend tells you "Too late dude, she's dating some older guy."

Another Seventeen cover. Fantastic!!

Oh yeah, she was in print ads also.   Yep, "everywhere a glow glow" definitely describes her big smile!.  Yep she had that radiant look that just seemed to glow,  That is what was so great about those models in 70s, they just seemed so fresh and full of life!

And like the other models we've focused on, she was in all our favorite 70s catalogs...

See, natural catalog model.  So sweet and innocent!   With the wind (or fan) in her hair, she's a natural!

So gorgeous! Dang!!

What a great look!

Another great pic, I could do this all day!!  Like I said, when you think of the classic catalog model of the mid to late 70s, you think of someone like Pam.  So easy, so effortless.  

Pam's carer was offset a bit from our other K Clubbers.  She was more from the early 70s to late 70s as opposed from the late 60s to mid 70s.

I know I kind of trashed Aldens in a recent post with that "parking lot" comment.  I hope nobody took offense to that.  In hindsight it was a little harsh.  I'll try to make up for that with some great pics from their catalogs - including this one of Pam with a mushroom tee-shirt.  Of course, now that I think about it "mushrooms?", "70s?"....... hmm, wonder what KIND of mushrooms those were?

Programming note to my loyal readers: For the next couple of weeks, my posts will probably be a little erratic as far as the day of the week goes (Christmas travel and all that).  I will post each week, just not sure which day of the week.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    I just googled myself + I came upon this!
    You've made my day!
    Hope there is a "reunion" this fall + hope we are both there!
    I can blush and thank you for all the praise.
    (You were the Queen of the time though)

    1. Hi Pam,

      Hey, I just sent you an e-mail. Please let me know if you got it or not.