Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Weirdness: 70s Gauchos - Part 1

Well it's been a while since we've had a post of the "Random Weirdness" series which, as you probably remember, focuses on some of the odder little fashion corners of the 70s.

And what odder little trend is there than gauchos which appeared in the mid-70s like a meteoric streak across a dark night, filling the sky with its brilliance.  Gauchos hit like that - BAM - and were everywhere at once, and then just like that meteorite, vanished just as quickly fading into that misty memory hole of the 70s,...

These boots were made for walking...So what were gauchos?  Well they took their inspiration form western fashion and turned them into, well, you just had to see them.  Like here with Karen, Pat Miles, and Kathy.

Early on in the trend, they were often referred to as "boot skirts".  And like here, you can see why. They really allowed a gal to show off the footwear!

Here, JCP tries to keep it a them a little closer to their country roots.  Well, at least they tried!

Courdory gauchos?  Why not, and why not combine combine 70s fashion trends into bizarre chimeras like this.  I mean the possibilities are endless......

Oh no, Gaucho jumpsuits!  Or are they "gauchsuits" or "jumphos"?  Surely that is it for these combinations?  Isn't it?  I mean what else could they do with them...

Formal wear gauchos that's what!  Now the ladies could show off their formal, knee high patent leather boots with style!  Finally, finally, we must be at the end of this bizarre cul-de-sac of 70s fashion.  Right?

Nope, not when you can add big floppy coats and scarves!  "Tailoered femminity" indeed, gauchos just scream that to me!


  1. Gauchos, always the fashion statement. Unfortunately, unlike these lovely models who wear them properly with boots, many "fashion deficient" ladies wore these with clogs, or tennis shoes, or perhaps even pumps. Not a good look. Also, blouses with ties need NEVER make s comeback especially the size of Colleens in the last photo!

    1. Yep, I remember gauchos from my youth. It seemed for a couple of years that everyone was wearing them; however, I don't recall them being worn with pumps - that would be strange!

  2. Actually I recall seeing very few pumps in the 70s, then in the early 80s they made a comeback.

    1. Yep, the 70s featured mainly boots (a hold over frm the "go go" boots of the 60s?) and clogs. Pumps - not so much.