Monday, January 13, 2014

Sorority Fashions from Vicky Vaughn - Part 2

Well it's been a while since we saw our sorority pledges after "pledge week".  So how are they doing, Did they make it as full sorority members??

Yep!!  It looks like the sorority sisters have adjusted well after their tumultuous pledge trials and are relaxing with a "Sunday in the Park".  Kathy is joined by Shelley Hack, Colleen, and an unknown model for this classic shot! (reblogged from ShelleyHack.Blogspot.Com)

Oh how quickly the tables turn!  Now that they are members, Kathy, Shelley and Colleen are giving the "pledge" treatment to this year's crop of freshmen (is that Kay on the right?, yep I believe so).  They are even dressed Greek-themed attire (Toga, Toga, Toga!).  (reblogged from

Back at the sorority house, the sisters relax and pose for this pic in various combinations of pink and white. WOW!  (reblogged from

So it looks like the sorority sisters are throwing a wild party with those mod 70s fashions.  Why wasn't I invited?  Drats!! (reblogged from ShelleyHack.Blogspot.Com)

Colleen and Karen checking out their airline tickets.  Of course, air travel back then was a little different.  It was considered more of an event that conferred status, and people actually dressed up for it.  Note that the bag says Pam Am - kind of dates this a bit, doesn't it? (reblogged from

And finally, a last shot of our favorite sorority girls getting ready for some kind of red, white, and blue themed event.  Yep it brings back memories of college - rush week, fraternity / sorority functions, homecoming, sigh! (reblogged from sweetjanespopboutique.blogspot.som)


  1. It's always nice to see Colleen Corby shots that I've never seen before. (There must be a million of them out there.) And nice to see the original posters credited. But there are some misattributions. Pic 2 is not from, though a scan of that image does appear there. Pic 3 is also not from On the other hand, though your Pic 1 was taken from ShelleyHack.Blogspot.Com, I know that scan originally appeared on

    1. Well, I tried. I might have mislabeled some of them, or had a bad day.....

  2. Red, White and Blue! My favorite color combination. Loving those clogs!

    1. Yep, those gals looked great in that shot!