Monday, July 6, 2015

K Club Special - Part 19: Karen Bruun - Part 3

We continue our third round of K Club Specials focusing on the big four.  And once more we'll take a look at Karen's extensive career!

A JCPenney's pic of Karen from early in the 70s.

And another pic of Karen from Sears in the mid-70s.  Very nice!!

But she was more than just a catalog model.  During her career, she would pop up everywhere - like here for Simplicity.

Karen in an ad for Turtle Bax - naturally there is a turtle included!  The turtle looks happy, and why wouldn't he?  After all, he gets to hang with Karen and Pat!!

And here for Hanes.  Anyone remember those Cracked Animal stickers?  They are vaguely familiar.

A really fantastic pic of Karen and Colleen from Spiegel.  Spiegel always went for that Uptown Girl classy look, and they succeeded here for sure!

For some reason I really like this pic of Karen.  She seems so relaxed and comfortable.  She was a natural for the look that Spiegel was trying to project.

Even when they were casual, Spiegel was classy and sophisticated....

Okay, okay, maybe they weren't always that classy.  I have no idea why that guy is laying on the ground, and now Karen (as well as Shelley and the other model) don't look that much at ease here.   Perhaps that will do it for Spiegel in this post!

Of course, that didn't mean that Sears couldn't try for that classy look - like here with the long dresses.  Hmmm, let's see.  We've seen Karen with Colleen and now with Kay.  Seems like we we are missing someone?

Yep. How can you have a special on Karen without including Kathy?  They appeared together so many time in catalogs such as here in Aldens.  These two were certainly "snappy" indeed!!


  1. Nice "free swinging" hippy look in that first pic. The Hane's pic is a nice one, but it would have been much better without that binder in the way. ;-) Karen was listed as a blonde, but I've always thought of her as a redhead, especially with those freckles. I've never considered Kathy to be a redhead, so I don't know if you can necessarily blame it on lousy printing. I'll admit, Karen does look blonde in the last pic. (Nice shot of Kathy in the inset of that pic, BTW.) The model with Karen in pic #8 ("young expressions") is Lucy Angle, one of the top Seventeen models in the late Sixties and early Seventies.

    1. Yeah she had some red in her hair - probably a strawberry blonde. They can look either blonde or redhead depending on the light. Kathy and Karen, they were quite the pair together!