Monday, July 20, 2015

Random Weirdness: Say Yes to the Dress - Part 3!

Ahh, July is definitely the month for weddings (okay there are more weddings in June, but hey, let's not get picky.)  And with recent developments on the marriage scene, it's the perfect time to look back on how we got married in the 70s!

Of course the bride is beautiful because it's Kathy! duh!  In the traditional long dress or.....hey wait a that a wedding mini in the corner?!?!?   All I can say is "That's sooo 70s!"

Even at weddings, the 70s had a style all it's own.....

For example, the groomsmen were always well dressed in the finest polyester leisure suits that one could purchase form a catalog!

And the bride always had choices - as long as it was polyester.  At least the price was right:$55.00 for the dress, $35.00 for the headpiece.  Hmmm, maybe that would work when my daughters get married, then again maybe not.

Hey, this Penney's wedding dress is from 6 years earlier, and it's $10.00 more?  What gives?

More wedding minis!!  The moms do NOT seem pleased!

Let's not forget the bridesmaids dresses.  The goal here is to make them buy something that is completely impractical for any other occasion except maybe an antebellum southern ball.

I rest my case...........

We began with Aldens, why not end that way?  Here we have Karen as the bride and Kathy as a bridesmaid.  Even back then it was all about the dress as in "Say Yes to The Dress."  I always had a sneaky feeling that the whole thing was about that!  And know you know........



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  2. Back to our regular programming....

    When my wife and I were married in the late 70s, she made her own dress. I was stylin' in a 3-piece leisure suit (denim--no polyester for me), about the same color of blue as the guy on the right in the 2nd photo. Our biggest expense was $40 for a wedding cake. That was about our limit in finances as poor college students.
    When my daughter got married, she spent about $500 on her dress. Considering that some brides spend thousands on their dress, I guess I was lucky!

    1. Oh, now that I opened the blog do I understand your first sentence (I saw your comment on GMail first.

      Yep, we were about the same: my wife borrowed her dress, we scraped by on everything else, the whole thing cost only a few hundred dollars (most of that was feeding and watering my friends at the reception.) My how things have changed!