Monday, August 17, 2015

Sleepwear: Part 6 - The Heat is On!!

The heat is definitely on, and what better way to keep you're cool than looking back at some groovy 70s summer sleepwear?!?

Gulp! I thought we were going to keep our cool?  So why is the heat rising instead?  It must be because of Kathy, Kay, Barbara et al!!  "Summer Standout Values" indeed!  In fact, I may not be able to continue this post.  Must. Remain. Strong. (1)

Save $100?!?!?  Wait, that reads: Save ONE dollar, oh, never mind.  Colleen, Dottie and their friends are in a bit more traditionally feminine sleepwear attire.  Still, looking very hot for summer! With these two great pics, I'm thinking that I could stop here.  Must. Keep. Blogging.

One giant model in blue towers over a quartet of tiny, yellow women - sounds like the theme for a cheap horror flick or something.  Still my head is swimming form the first two pics.  Must. Maintain. Focus.

Even Kathy seems a bit worried by the giant blue model behind her!!

Back to the night shirts!  Must. Re-focus.  Must. Re-focus.

It seems like we can't have a post on 70s sleepwear without at least one black and white pic.  Kathy modeled the classic PJ - now in DuPont's Antron III (I guess there was a I and a II.)  Nothing says sexy quite like Antron III.  (1)

From Antron III to Nylon Tricot, those guys were certainly proud of their artificial fabrics! Regardless, Kay and Colleen are raising the heat!  Almost. Finished.  Must. Endure. (1)

Gulp!  Forget "Purse-pampering Sleepwear."  The title should've been  "Pulse-pumping Sleepwear!" We started with a incredibly hot pic with Kathy and that's how we are going end this post! (I don't think I'll get any complaints on that!)

Whew! It was a challenge, but somehow I made it to the end of this post.  I hope my readers appreciate the extreme danger, toil, and sacrifice your humble historical went through in this endeavor!  (I'm sure you're thinking "Yeah, right!")


(1) These pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!


  1. Great post (for obvious reasons LOL). As simple as they are, nightshirts are one of the sexiest things out there. I particularly like pics 5 and 8. That looks like the same unidentified nightshirt girl in both pics.

    1. Yeah, who is she? I can't say that I remember seeing her pics anywhere else? Nice catch!