Monday, September 28, 2015

A Farewell to Summer 1976 and 2015

I always get a bit melancholy at the end of summer.  While not an official holiday, the end of summer always seems to be a time for reflection, a time to look back at how we've grown and changed.  (1)

For me, the summer of 2015 was bittersweet.  Another child left the nest to be on her own.  While at the same time I've seen my parents' health decline rapidly.  So the summer of 2015 was a turning point in many ways for me.

And 1976 was a big summer for me also.  It was the summer where I got my first job in the oil field working at a mid-size manufacturing plant that built pumping jacks like in the picture above. (2)

And yes that is Christi Brinkley on the cover.  She had a brief catalog modeling career. (3)

Does she ever age?  Summer always has had that casual, laid back feel to it.  T-shirts and shorts are timeless!

Yes they are timeless indeed!!

A rare pic of all four of the "K Club" models on one page.  While they often appeared together, for some reason a pic of all four is unusual.  I only know of four pics like this total, and none with only the four K Clubbers. (4)

So that deserves some closeups....

I triple shot of Kathy!  Great Tops indeed!!

And some more, now there are Sun Tops!

Of course, we can't take take a look at summer without checking out the backyard scene....
Dad's getting into the bicentennial spirit here!

Nothing says backyard elegance quite like the bug zapper!!

Kathy in 1976.  I do believe that is the proper way to end this look back on summer, especially with the seagulls flying off unto the sunset! (4)


(1) A fiery West Texas not to far from where I was born.  If you're in the area, the sunsets out there are absolutely incredible.  I was born in the oilfield, and I'll guess that's where I'll always be!

(2) Yes, an actual manufacturing company, and where did all of those go?

(3) And a small, very small hint of the bicentennial in the background with the fireworks.

(4) Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

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