Monday, October 5, 2015

Random Goodness: Fall Fashion Fun - Part 4!!

Well, so much for Summer! It was great and all, but just because the weather is cooling, doesn't mean that those 70s fashions were any less groovy!!  Let's take a look....

The new fashion fun looks a lot like the old fashion fun of the 60s with beaded headbands, go go boots, ruffled shirts, and psychedelic patterns.  Yep, there was some carryover to the early 70s.

But the 70s headed off into its own fashion direction, starting with the "earth tone" movement.  I guess it was supposed to be some kind of reaction to the bright colors of the 60s.  Still Karen in a monk's robe?  That's still pretty far out to me!

Three models who appear to be getting punted by giant feet.  However, they don't seem to mind in their Fall Fashions from Sears.  But to whom do those feet belong I wonder?

Why it's Shelley Hack complete with the 70s style beret

More earth tones of the 70s perfect for those fun fall fashions.  And once again, we have a model whose foot gets chopped off into the next page.  This time the victim is Kay.

Autumn means back to school time.  Kathy and Jill really light up the campus scene with snazzy pieces from Spiegel.  Why are they so happy.  Well you'd be that happy too in these upscale Spiegel dresses.

More berets and earth tone colors for Fall.

Wow, who said they only had earth tones for Fall fashions in the 70s?  These gals really brighten up Autumn with their groovy threads from JCP and their dazzling smiles!

And that deserves a closeup of Kathy and, I do believe that is Pam Dawber! Nanoo nanoo.

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