Monday, October 26, 2015

K Club Special - Part 22 Jayne Modean (Part 2)

I'm sure my loyal readers are a bit confused right now.  After all these K Club Special have - up to now - followed a predictable pattern.  Every year we do a post on each of the big four K Clubbers (Kathy, Karen, Kay, and Colleen.)  And the rest of the year, we have K Club posts featuring other catalog models of the 70s.

But now we're featuring a second post on Jayne Modean?  Well, here at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot we are always sensitive to our readers requests.  And based on our search stats, Jayne is certainly VERY popular still.  So she earns the first follow up post of outside of the big four.

I have never heard of C & C Cola before, and never seen this ad until recently.  I will give the company credit for one thing - putting Jayne in their commercial.

Speaking of ads........
I think I'm getting very sleepy.

"Curl It!" "Shave It!" Work it girl!!  Jayne was a "go to" model for ads of all types in the late 70s and early 80s.

But we can't leave out those groovy Big Book catalogs......
Jayne looking good in Spiegel.

Jayne with Micaela from the 1982 Aldens summer catalog.

A classic Jayne pic from JCP!

Again from JCP.

More catalog pics, this time from Montgomery Wards. (1)

Again from MW.  Jayne had that magic smile that was perfect for the Big Books. (1)

Let's not leave out Sears!! (1)

Well, Jayne was great and a favorite of many.  But this is still the Kathy Loghry blogsot.  So, we have to include some pics of Kathy!
There's way, way too much cuteness here.  It almost makes me want Winter to get here early, well almost.

Brrrr, I feel the chill of Winter coming on now!!  But this final pic of Kathy, Jayne and Karen should warm everyone's heart!!


(1) These pics are courtesy of JJ's Playhouse. Thanks!!!


  1. Didn't she do some acting too?

    1. Yes she did! She was on Full House and Cheers. She also appeared in several movies, the best being Spring Break. I covered some in these in my first post on Jayne.

  2. Wait.... Who is this "Micaela" you speak of in the picture with Jayne? Is that really the other model's name? I've been wondering who she was since the 1980s. What else do you know about her and how did you find out?

    By the way... Thanks for the great blog!

    1. Yes it is. Her full name is Micaela Sundholm. She modeled in the late 70s and early 80s so she appeared a lot with Jayne. I've been collecting pics of her for a future K Club Special post on her, so stay tuned. She is Swedish. Besides her, there were two other Swedish models that were popular catalog models back then - Pia Buggart and Mick Lindberg. Hey! That's a great theme for a post - The Three Swedes. Thanks for the idea! Glad you enjoy the blog!

  3. She and my brother, Brian Mullen , were in the same "graduation class" at Clifton Senior High School in the mid 70s She has a sis(Kathy?) who was a year ahead of me in school, and bro who did some modeling too. I had a high school friend, Alicia deRose, whose parents were close with Jayne's folks. I think her dad was a Lutheran pastor...very nice people... We lived 20 minutes outside of NYC so she had easy access to agencies..I recall hearing the owner of FORD Modeling took a liking to Jayne ...I think a sitcom was "written for her" called Chicky and me? or something silly sounding like that...a few episodes aired in late 70s...

    1. Wow that's cool! I'll have to look into that sitcom. Jayne was everywhere in the late 70s, and yes her dad was a pastor. However she wasn't related to Kathy because Kathy was from Oregon (High School and college.) Thanks for the info and stayed tuned! I will certainly do another special post on Jayne in the future!