Monday, October 12, 2015

That's So 70s: High Rise Pants - Part 4!!

They're baaack!  The high rise pants of the 70s that is.  Whether in straight leg or bell bottom, the high rise pants of the 70s always made the grooviest fashion statement!

Yeah, I almost always start off with a pic of Kathy - here she is paired with Kay.  Something off the their right seems to have their attention here.

Here are some high risers with a bit of style courtesy of Mick and Pia (I guess they decided to team up the Swedish models here!)

70s pants with that special touch of 70s grooviness!

I'll go with the new pants look anytime.  Once again we have Kathy and Kay, but this time they are gazing off to their left.  What gives?

Wide leg pants are stepping out with style! Joanne and Randi show us how!

More wide leg pants from the 70s, this time in eye-catching green!!

Nothing says "That's so 70s" more than corduroy high rise pants matched psychedelic shirts topped off with a pink hat on Kathy.

That deserves a closer look......

Very, very nice.

Now I'm sure some of you are thinking "Hey enough with the cute, good looking gals.  What about the guys?"  To you I say "You must be kidding, right?"  Nevertheless, the lads had their groovy 70s pant styles too......

"How many looks can you make from 7 separates?"  Good question.  The answer is zero.  At least it's zero looks that wouldn't cause you to get the snot beaten out of at school.


  1. That looks like Susan Forristal on the far left in pic #5. She went on to become an actress.

    1. Could be her. I't's kind of hard to tell. Still it's a great pic!!