Monday, July 11, 2016

When Life Was Groovy: Part 1 - Summer Dresses 1970

When I first kicked around the idea of a blog about the 70s, one of my first ideas was a general retro type blog. And one of the blog names I considered was "When Life Was Groovy."

Well, as I explained in an earlier post, somehow that idea morphed into "The Kathy Loghry Blogspot" and the rest is history.  So, I decided to revive that original name into a category.  And what better way to kick off a new category is with a look back at the groovy dresses of 1970!

And when you're taking about dresses from 1970 you're talking short (not that I hear anyone complaining).  Of course the dresses may have been short, but the collars and whatnot were bog as we see here with Colleen and Kathy!

Did I mention that the collars were big??  (1)

 The point of this photo is, well, I'm not sure.  There's a lot going on here, all of it pretty random in a 70s campy sort of way.

Ahh, this is more like it.  Just some nice 70s summertime dresses from Penneys.  

And Kathy was the perfect uber-cutie to model these dresses.

 Kay, Wendy and friend certainly didn't lack on the cuteness scale either as seen here!

Lots of early 70s dress goodness going on here.

Everyone step to the right in unison!! (2)

More cuteness, more collars, and more groovy 1970 summer dresses! (2)

Not only were the dresses groovy, check out the "mad, mod, marble-look whimsies" in the lower left. Yes, that is what everyone girl dreams of getting - a ring of fake marble in a geometric shape.

Colleen showing us some summer dresses from Sears.  This pic has that 60s feel, but of course it was 1970 so there must have been some carryover.

Kathy certainly seems happy here!  I'm not sure about that silver ballthing behind in teh pic.  What is that supposed to be?  

A close up of the inset pic.

And a final pic of Kathy in a wig.  Still she looks great! (2)


(1) Bellas Hess had some great styles and fantastic pics, but so far I haven't found Kathy in any of them!

(2) These pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!


  1. They did a good job of blending those photographs together. You've got two Kays in pic #6, and two Kathys in pic #8.

    I've found that the fashions/culture seems to change in the middle of a decade, at least during the Sixties and Seventies. The early Sixties has a more Fifties look than what people normally associate with the Sixties, and Sixties fashion extended into the early Seventies (at least in the catalogs).

    1. Your observation is quite correct. The early 70s looked an awful lot like the 60s. Then disco hit and pretty much ruined everything!

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