Monday, July 4, 2016

Bicentennial Time is Couples Time - Part 11!!

What a perfect alignment!  Monday just happens to be the day that I post each week AND it it just happens to be July 4th AND it just happens to be the 40th anniversary of the great Bicentennial of 1976 AND we're due for another look back at the crazy couples coordinates of the 70s!  Talk about perfect timing!! (1)

"What's 'Bicentennial'?" our younger readers may inquire.  Well if you have to ask, then you weren't around in 1976!!  Let's examine some groovy pics of our favorite fashion couples to explain!!

See what I mean!!  In 1976 the "new national pastime" was celebrated,uhhhhh, well it was celebrated with well, uhhh, with lion knit shirts?!?!?  Hmmm not too patriotic.  At least the couple in the upper right is in red, white, and blue.  Perhaps a closeup will illuminate us......

Uhhh, perhaps it won't.  Kathy looks a little bored on the left.  Perhaps that is why she is with a different guy on the right??? Sorry dude, that's life, get some Game next time.......

Maybe, some of our other favorite models showed some more "Spirit of '76"
Well, Colleen and partner are in a Western theme.  Still everyone is a bit mellow about this whole "Bicentennial" thing.

"Big Top and Jeans" but no July 4th feel here.  Why are both Kathy and Barbara turned away?

Yeah the original concept of this post is falling apart fast....

 So much for the 4th of July theme, and my clever idea of honoring the Bicentennial  Instead we these two "naturally" gazing into each others eyes.

 Lots 70s laid back style here but no hint of anything to do with the 4th. ..

 Note how both Kathy and friend averted their faces from this denim leisure suit disaster of the 70s!  I can't say that I blame them!!

Still looking for that patriotic spirit, still seeing denim couples everywhere.  The concept for this post has completely collapsed!!

 Flannels!?!?!??!  Are you freaking kidding me, what, pray tell, does that have anything to do with the 4th of July?????

This takes the cake!! His 'n Her sleepwear with pictures of magazines.  Oh HOW romantic.  I guess if he gets bored he can find inspiration by looking at the MS magazine cover.  On second thought, that'd definitely kill the "spirit" for the evening......

Can anyone save this post trying, desperately TRYING to find that elusive Bicentennial spirit?????

There's the spirit.  Finally, FINALLY!! (2)

Yeah, I'm feeling the "Spirit" now.  Time to catch some fireworks!!  Have a great 4th of July everyone!!


(1) Thanks to Pam at Go-Retro for giving me the idea of a couples theme for 4th of July.  The idea was "Awesome".

(2) Yeah I know this is a re-post (which I try to avoid), but it just fit teh theme so well!


  1. Hey, you're welcome for the inspiration! As awful as this fashion trend could be, many of these couples look a hundred times better dressed than anyone I saw at my town's fireworks display -- where baseball caps, faded logo tees and baggy shorts were the norm!

    1. Pam, You're right about that. the 70s were campy, but they had style at least!

  2. My favorites are the whole family dresses alike in Christmas Catalogs

    1. I did a post on those a couple of years back. I don't know if I'll do another one. There are only a c couple of pics with Kathy in them. Still, they're a hoot!