Monday, June 27, 2016

K Club Special: Part 27 - Karen Bruun: Part 4

Yep, it's time for another K Club Special look back on the wonderful modeling career of one of the most popular and iconic models of the 70s - Karen Bruun.

And the gang's all here!!  One the very few and rare photos of all four K Club members together: Karen, Kay Campbell, Kathy (of course), and Colleen Corby.  Not only that, it ONLY has those four.
Let's take a short break from this special on Karen for a closeup of the other three....
Super cute and........wait a minute!!  How is Kathy holding that sweater?? Very odd, very odd indeed. It's as if someone handed it to her right before the camera snapped.

Back to Karen......
Looks like she's got a new friend.  Wait, check that, it's just a statue, not a real dog.

When you talk about Karen's career, it's easy to overuse the word "cute", but I can't help it.  Check out the little boy and girl on her pants legs.  The little boy is on his knees begging the little girl for something.  Wonder what that is about?? (1)

So those were some great catalog pics of Karen, but what about some of the other aspects of her career?
Nice modeling shot!!

An interview with Karen!  Basically she says that she's glad she went into modeling because it's fun and she makes lots of money.  Somehow that is refreshingly honest.

 And it certainly looks like Karen is having fun here of the cover of this Bellas Hess catalog (2)

And Bellas Hess had some groove-tastic 70s fashions of their own, like here.... 

And here!!  Nice ruffles on Cay Sanderson and Karen.  

Still it amazes me how top models back in the 70s would pop up in the most unlikely places, like Karen here modeling this cape, er, tent, er, whatever it is.

Now for some pics of Karen in some sewing rags......
 Where did her smile go?!?

 Still no smile.....

There it is!!  Karen (like the other K Clubbers) had that million dollar smile that could make any 70s fashion look like groovy fun!!

And yes, we're going to end on another uber-cute pic of Karen.  And I promise that will be the last time I use the word "cute" (at least until next week!)


(1) That was certainly a more innocent time.  Wasn't it.

(2) I haven't had any luck with the Bellas Hess catalogs as far as Kathy go. However, they have some great pics of some of the other 70s models.

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