Monday, June 6, 2016

That's So 70s: Deminy Daze - Part 4

Denim.  Nothing says timeless American fashion like denim!!  And it was no different in the 70s Big Book catalogs!!

Tee shirts with denim - a classic American combination.   Even Spiegel couldn't resist the denims.  Of course they had to add that special 70s "twist" consisting of a rope belt and scarf as shown here by Barbara, Kathy and Donna.

Karen and Kay get in on the denim action from JCPenney.  Except Kay isn't so denimy as she is "smocky" or something.
Denim came in all shapes and styles like here with a hoodie vest worn by Kathy.

That deserves a closeup.....
Kathy isn't an 8!  If anyone rated a 10, it was her.  Oh wait, I guess that is not what the number here means...

Liek I said,denim came in all shapes and gulp sorta Daisy Dukes and tube top by Jane.  All I can say is "That's so 70s and that's sooo hot!!"

The "Look Back".  A classic pose by a classy lady combined for one of the all great pics from the Sears Big Books of the 70s!!  And in "brushed denim" no less!!  I'm definitely in a "deminy daze" now!!

So denim can worn in any style??
Uggg, not with leisure suits!!!  I think we just hit the limit of denim's versatility!1

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  1. The African American model with Kay Campbell and Kathy (second from last pic) is Joyce Walker.