Monday, June 13, 2016

Random Goodness: Shirts, Skirts, and Assorted Miscellany - Part 4!

Summer is the time for dressing down.  And nothing was better in the 70s than shirts, skirts, and assorted miscellany!!

And why not start out with a series of small pics form Spiegel!
Kathy in a peach skirt and a mod 70s, psychedelic shirt.  Groovy baby!!

Shelley continues the trend wit ha more conservative approach.  You gotta love those knee high stockings!!
Donna in what they say is a naval insignia, but I'm not sure about that!

Finally Kathy doing what she did best - looking cute!!

Okay that was certainly fun, but let's get back to the regular size catalog pics....
Kay, Colleen and gulp Mick Lindberg in a halter.  Oh boy, don't EVEN get me started on those!! (1)

Too late......
Tank tops and halters were all the same to me.  They made the summer heat hotter!!

Kay and Colleen are back in tank tops this time! (1)

Okay this is getting ridiculous.  Kathy smolders in a yellow tank top sorta-kinda shirt.  I guess this falls into the "assorted miscellany" category.

Wow! A whole lot of random goodness 70s style going on here. (2)

You know the old saying "She could wear a sack and still look good."  Well that was put to the test here with Kathy sporting a "shirt-jac."  And yep, she still looks great!!

Here we got a little of everything  shirts, skirts and....halters.  Yep there're back in the mix! (2)

Which leads us to.....
Why not finish this post with a final small pic of Kathy and Karen in halters.  Seems to me to be a good way to "tie" this one up.  And no, I don't get the "Many Petite and Tall Jrs." title.  They appear to be about the same height to me!!


(1) These pics courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

(2) These pics courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!

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  1. The "unknown" model in the blue and white blouse (with Colleen Corby, second from last) is Judy Michie.