Monday, August 29, 2016

Cozy Lounge Wear - Part 4!

Well with the temperature still hovering around 90 degrees, one might think that now is time for one last sizzlin' swimwear post before summer ends.  Nah, that'd be too easy.

With lounge wear like this, you might just forget about the swimwear for now,  I said might.   Still this type of "cozy" lounging is pretty enticing if you ask me!

Now this is looking more like your classic robe style lounge wear.  Perhaps I should have stuck wit the swimsuits instead!

 I'm not sure about "cozy" for these outfits.  More like heavy duty cold weather gear here.

The quilts even came in mini skirt style!

The ever popular robes - perfect for lounging even with the hoodie!

Once again with the "cozy" lounge wear.  That seems to be the operative adjective when it comes to lounge wear, even with the onsies!

And these onsies deserve a closeup....
 I'm feeling "cozy" already!

 Yep, "cozy" is the word here!

So was lounge wear all about comfort and coziness?
Nope.  In the 70s, they had lounge wear that could double as disco wear!!  Okay, these outfits aren't quite as "sizzlin" as 70s swimwear, but hey, they'll be plenty more posts of that in the future!

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