Saturday, August 6, 2016

That's So 70s - The Pantsuit

If the iconic fashion images of the 60s was the miniskirt and the bikini, then the iconic fashion images of the 70s were, well, aside from the groovy disco fashions, the pantsuit?!?!?

Now that's a real downer.  But as much as I've avoided the subject, the pantsuit came into its own during that time.  So here we go......

Well, that's not too bad, not too bad at all!  Of course Kathy could make even a plain pantsuit look great.  The bad news is that they were pushing these "for juniors too."  Sigh, couldn't we just stick with the minis?

Mostly though they were for women, especially those entering the workforce.  Still these examples had that special touch of 70s groovy flair.

Even Aldens got in on the pantsuit craze !!  Of course they called them "pantsets" which isn't even a real word.

Naturally Speigel really honed in on the whole pantsuit thing.  It really was a staple in their catalogs.

Kathy again with the pantsuits, er, pantsets - this time with that special 70s bell-bottom touch.

Often they came in versatile coordinates so you could have that same groovy 70s look every day of the week!

 However, let's face it, it's really hard to too excited by pantsuits.  Unless......

They you're talking gabardine.  Well, not really even then.

Then we have the very 70s look of the pantsets with the extra long tunic look.  ALl I can say is "That's soooo 70s!"

Even Kathy got into the tunic look pantsets.  However, Karen stayed with the ever popular mini (I can't say that's fair to the pantsuits!)  And no, I have no idea what the giant grapes have to do with anything.

So how could one make the tunic pantsets look sexy?
Easy!  Ditch the pants!!!

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