Monday, September 26, 2016

Bodysuits - Part 10!!

Bodysuits, because, ya know,the guys loved 'em, the gals loved them, so why not again!!  Let's go!!! Bodysuits 70s style!! Yeah!!

Just when you didn't think Kathy could look cuter, she exceeds your wildest dreams like here with Karen.  Can.Kathy.Look.Any.Cuter.???  The question is legit and remains!!  (1)

Speaking of Cute, so was Laura Jones (yeah, yeah, I know, I spilled the beans several posts ago about how She was one of may favorite models back in the 70s.  But who can blame me?!!?  I didn't think so!!)

Hey, hey!!  The "Body Shoppe" idea originated from Sears. What is Spiegel doing here?!???  A cheap knockoff  I suspect.  Not cool man!!  Not cool at all (well okay, the models are cute and all, so I guess it's 'okay').

Totally Karen, totally bodysuits, and totally cute!!  Dang man, these bodysuits are driving me crazy!!!

More bodysuits, more cuteness all around!!  And why do they have to say "Body Suits are Fun"? The mind wanders.....

Well maybe they're "Fun"because one can wear them in so many ways like here with "Double Knit Flares". Perfect for hitting the disco in style!!

Or one can upscale them to "Make a Dazzling Entrance." (2)

Of course, you could also just wear them with those awesome 70s low cut jeans like Kathy does here! Can.Kathy.Get.Any.Cuter?   Well it may not seem possible after seeing this, but I wouldn't doubt it knowing her!!   

Well, for now we've answered that question for this post.  She looks pretty cute if you ask me, but I'm sure the question will be raised again in future posts!


(1) Yeah I know that this is a bit of a re-post - sort of the same pic from a different source.  Still it's worth a second look!

(2) Thanks to one our astute readers, this lovely regular of the 70s catalogs has been identified as Sylvia Poorth.  Thanks!


  1. These are great! Thank you! And for all your posts ~sara

  2. Thanks! Bodysuits are always a favorite!

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