Monday, September 12, 2016

K Club Special #29 - Kathy Loghry - Part 4!!

Why have a special post dedicated to the same model that the entire blog is named after?  Good question, but these "K Club Special" posts are where we focus on a particular model's career.  So why not do that with Kathy also?

A modeling head shot for Kathy.  Hmmm, it says that she was 5'7" which is well above average.  I always thought that she was a bit on the short side, but apparently not!

Since Kathy's career spanned the the 70s,  I decided to take one catalog pic from each year of the that decade to highlight her career.......

From 1970, a super cute pic off Kathy from Penneys.  (Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi).

And from 1971 another cutie pie pic - this time from Sears!

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the whole "cute" thing since Kathy is cute in every pic like here form 1972.

For a couple of years, Kathy did a modeling stint in Italy.  Thanks to our friend "Al" in Italy, we have some great pics of that part of her career - like here from Vestro Catalogo in 1973.

And again Kathy is on the move in 1974.  This is also from Vestro.  However, this pic is from a modeling shoot in Tunisia!! (Yeah, it was definitely a different world then.)

Back in the USA for 1975 we can't leave out Aldens catalog. After all Kathy was a regular there.

Kathy and Karen again in 1976.  This is from Sears - Simpson Sears that is.

The year is 1977 and she is still going strong as a "go to" catalog model.

When you got that Fall / Winter Big Book catalog in the mail, you just KNEW what that meant - it's sweater time again (1978).

By 1979 Kathy still was making appearances in the catalogs, but not as much.

We'll end this look back at Kathy's career with another black and white pic.  This time from Seventeen magazine with Kathy flashing that million dollar smile that we'll always remember and associate with her!


  1. You know, i suspected this blog was named after a real person...and now it's just been confirmed! Wow, Kathy sure made a good living from catalog modeling. Do we know if she's still alive and what she's up to today?

    1. Oh yes, Kathy is absolutely a real person. For a description about how this blog started check out this post....

      I have gotten several emails from people that worked with her and knew her. That all said that she absolutely wonderful to work with, very professional, and very popular with everyone in the biz. I did get one email on Flickr that claimed to be her but I'm not sure it was legit (maybe a troll). She got married (married name Davidson) and according to people that know her she is still looking great! And yes, from what several readers have said, catalog modeling was good money in those days!

  2. Early in Kathy's career, agency headsheets and her own comp cards listed her height as 5'6". Then, in the 70;s, when industry standards set the height requirement for female fashion models at 5'7", Kathy and some other shorter girls suddenly became 5'7" tall or taller. :-)

    1. Ah ha!! That explains why almost all the models on that sheet were "exactly" at 5"7". I always thought she was a bit on the short side from an article when she was the NCAA Centennial Queen runner up in 1968. She looked noticeably shorter than everyone else in those pics. Thanks for the info. BTW I'd love to see some of those comp cards if possible!!

    2. I took a photo of Kathy's listing from my copy of the May, 1973 Ford Models headsheet that Id be happy to send to you. Let me know where to send. :-)

    3. Chip,

      Great! You can send it to alaen68@gmail. Com.

      Or if you want to use regular mail my address is

      Michael Piatt
      7209 Windwillow Drive
      Corpus Christi, Tx. 78414