Monday, December 26, 2016

Random Weirdness: 70s Gaucho - Part 3!!

What better way to end a most interesting 2016 that with a look back on 70s gauchos!!  Like so many fashions trends of the 70s, gauchos made a brief, albeit intense, appearance on the scene in the mid to late 70s.  Why that is the case is a mystery to me.  It's as if someone in the industry said "Push gauchos, now!"  And the people responded with a big yawn.....

Well nothing to yawn about here!  Kathy looks great in these snappy gauchos.  Hmm, this pic looks cropped.  Well that's true - had to save the rest of it for a post on a different 70s fashion subject!

1977 was the heyday of the gaucho.  So much so that  they popped up everywhere like here on the cover of this Jewel Catalog (and in corduroy no less!). (1)

And just because gauchos are normally associated with a more Western theme, that didn't mean that the Big Book catalogs couldn't put that special 70s groove-tatsic touch on them.  Yep, plaid green gauchos say "Easy Living" to me!

Oh brother, now we have a collision of 70s styles with a gaucho jumpsuit!  I didn't know whether to use this pic here or with the next post on jumpsuits!  Oh the troubles of a 70s catalog blogger!!

In almost everyone of these pics you'll notice that the gauchos come as part of a set of coordinates. And no two models were better at showing off those snazzy 70s catalog coordinates than Kathy and Karen!

Originally gauchos were cowboys that worked the grasslands in Argentina. (2)  That didn't mean that one couldn't accessorize them for either Country Wear or........

Every Wear!!

Even Wards got into the gaucho craze!!  The gaucho craze of 1977 certainly didn't catch on like hot pants or the mini skirt, still it peaked right when I was in school, so I had to pretend to like them.   

Another cropped pic (gotta save the rest for another post!)  Still with an eye-popping yellow gaucho like this, it's hard to see why they didn't catch on??

Okay, okay, in this closeup of Kathy from the previous pic, we're not sure is she is wearing gauchos, but who cares!


(1) Astute readers will notice instead of Visa we had BankAmericard cards, and instead of Master Card we had Master Charge cards!

(2) The term "gaucho" actually refers to the person.  The pants that we call gauchos are actually called bombachas.
Maybe those guys were pretty cool after all?!?


  1. Gauchos were so popular that even Steely Dan called their 1980 album Gaucho.

    1. Oh I remember them well from those days. Every time I saw a good looking gal in gauchos I thought to myself "What happened to the mini skirts?"

  2. I want to replace the Country Wear gauchos with a skirt of the same length.

  3. I don't remember anyone wearing gauchos in the Seventies.

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