Monday, January 2, 2017

That's So 70s: Say Yes to the Dress, Part 5!!

"Huh?? Has this guy completely lost track of time?  Why, oh why have a post on wedding dresses in the middle of the winter?" you're probably thinking to yourself.  Well, why not?? After all now is the time when those Spring weddings are in full planning mode with all the headaches and stress involved. (1)

And those 70s Wedding mags had answers to all those pressing questions for our young brides-to-be!

Of course we are going to start out with wedding dresses, and of course Kathy modeling a wedding dress. Duh.  I'm not sure what the gal on the left is wearing however. All I can say is "That's So 70s!"

Apparently goofy headgear was the "in" thing for bridesmaids styles in the 70s.  Perhaps it was a devious plan to make the bride look better by comparison.

I rest my case......

Now THAT's a wedding gown - ruffles galore!

Well that's enough of the dresses.  What about the fellows?
After all it's "his wedding too."   And that's why you dressed him in a velvet purple tux with a ruffled shirt...

Although it's his wedding too, there was a concern about him actually showing up on time.  I can feel the love now!

Perhaps the ruffled shirts is what was scaring the guys away!!

Every girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man...And what was sharper than an all white tux!  And man does this guy know he's the real deal.  After all he's got his head cocked to the side totally ignoring the babe on his arm.  "Yeah it's good to be me!"

Well I think that's enough of the 70s tuxes for the guys.  Let's get back to the dresses...
Yep, more floppy hats for the bridesmaids - even for Kathy!!

Oh no.  More tuxes. This guy doesn't have the "sharped dressed man" look going on so much.  I think his bride is smirking at him!!

Actually I don't think the lady has much to be worried about if he goes out dressed like that!

Okay, okay, this post is going downhill fast.  Not sure what this bride sees in this guy. Perhaps we need to get back to the dresses....,

A bridesmaid dress with a hooded coat.  Looks like Kathy said "I'll hold mine, thank you."

"Tel A Bride"  Is that like a mail order bride or something?

"Now what?"  Is she asking this question about what happens after the wedding?

Well, not to worry, this wedding guide explains all. Check out the questions:

  • What am I feeling inside at the moment?
  • What do I understand about my joy or pain.
  • What am I afraid well happen if I get it.
  • What will I do or give to feel more tenderness?
Sounds like one heck of a wedding night!!


(1) And I should know.  My daughter is the maid of honor (or MOH in modern terms) for a friend's wedding this summer.  All I hear about is plans for the wedding.  At least the bridesmaids dresses these days don't come with big floppy hats!!


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