Monday, January 16, 2017

Inauguration Day Special - MUGA!! (Part 3)

Okay I know that to venture anywhere near the political arena in the current highly charged atmosphere is playing with fire, but hear me out.  I'm not talking about MAGA.  I'm talking about MUGA - Make Uniforms Great Again!

"Were uniforms ever great?" you may ask.  Well in the words of one former VP candidate: "You Betcha!"

And for proof, look no further than "Bandana Americana."  Yep I feel the greatness returning to our fair land already!  These awesome uniforms make the hills bloom and the skies bright and sunny........Well, at least here in this obviously fake background they do!!

"But I don't want to wear a puffy shirt!"  Hey what's this with the "Authentic English Tudor Look?" Well I guess that we're making uniforms great again on both sides of the Atlantic!

"But I don't want to wear a puffy hat!"  No matter, the fields are still green and the skies bright blue and......the background is still fake.  Is that like fake news??

Traditional uniforms made great again! MUGA baby!
Hmmm, the guy with the 70s porn 'stache is leering at Kay who seems to be bravely trudging on as professionally as possible.  How is this making uniforms great again is beyond me!

 Oh boy, this post is going downhill fast!  Now 70s porn 'stache guy is moving in on Laura.  You can almost hear her say through gritted teeth  "Don't. Touch. Me."

Well at least this guy lost the 'satche.  What is it about these guys in this catalog? (1)

Okay, back to the groovy coordinated uniforms that bring bright sunny skies to our cities, er, our FAKE cities!!

At least Kathy didn't have to pose with stache man!!

 "The hills are alive with......The New Western Look uniforms from S&H????"

Okay this is just bizarre.  At first glance, it's just your normal lab uniforms.  You know, standard stuff. That just will NOT do for this groovy S&H catalog.  No, no, no!!  So they had to throw in the fake background of a park and a vial of fake blood (at least let's hope that it's fake!).  Like I said, bizarre.
Now let's not forget about our nation's manufacturing centers!  S&H has you covered with the Ms Gear line.  Except that the metal hardhats are, ahem, not allowed anymore.  No matter!  We're making those uniforms great again also!! 

Oh dear, now we have the, ahem, "hospitality" collection.   I'm thinking that those uniforms are pretty great already!

Yee haw, ride 'em cowboy!  I do believe that we have indeed made uniforms great again!!  

And to think that when I did my first post on 70s uniforms I thought that it was a "one off."  That is, there wasn't enough material for any other posts on the subject.  Boy was I wrong  I should have believed in MUGA!!

Okay, okay, we may have "jumped the shark" here.  There's no way these unis can be considered "Great Again!"


(1) I've had several readers inquire as to the identity of this model.  She was quite popular in the early 80s.  if anyone has any idea who she is, it would be most appreciated!  


  1. Make Uniforms Great Again...I love it! I especially like the yellow flowered apron/pantsuit top.

    1. Thanks, The yellow flowered apron definitely deserved an honorable mention, but I have to still vote for the cowgirl mini-skirt worn by Laura as my favorite!!