Monday, January 30, 2017

Random Goodness: It Happens Every Time - Part 1

Well almost every time.  What am I  talking about?  Well, seemingly I publish a post and then immediately after that, I find some pics that I should have used.

Like last week's post on Wendy Hill.  I stated that I had trouble finding pics of Wendy and Kathy together.  And then two day later, I'm organizing some of material and....

Yep, I found some pics with Wendy and Kathy.  Oh well, what can I say.  At least there're really good pics (although I can't say I understand what the old style bicycle has to do with anything?)

Another pic with Wendy and Kathy in it!  And another pic with that bike.  I don't get it?!?

70s style biker shorts?

Well, we might as well stick with the same JCP Summer catalog.  After all, there's just too much cuteness gong on here!
Kay and Karen looking good with the same bicycle.  Pretty random if you ask me!

Kathy again with the biker shorts.  I wonder if anyone actually rode the bike??

Well despite the fact that I missed a couple of pictures of Wendy that included Kathy, I think that this post certainly made up for it!


  1. Some nice shots of Kathy! But technically, they were not photographed together; they just appear on the same page. ;-)

    1. Well, you're right. But still, I would have used those pics on the post about Wendy. I don't know how I missed them when I was pulling that it together!