Monday, April 24, 2017

Random Weirdness: It's Time for MANTIQUE!!

WARNING!! The following material depicts scenes of extreme 70s fashion weirdness.  It may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive readers....

Ladies and Gentlemen, loyal readers, and guests, I bring to you what may very well be the most randomly weird, most groove-ily awesome examples of extreme 70s fashions.


Be forewarned that what you are about to see will elicit gasps of disbelief.  Once these images are seared into your mind, they will not be easily erased.  So, if you dare, get comfortable, fix a stiff drink (you're going to need it), and proceed forward.....


And nothing says MANTIQUE quite like long tunic vest.  I'm sure these guys were the coolest cats in the club!  What?!?  You were expecting the normal collection of hot 70s babes??  Sorry.  The ladies have been given the week off.  These awesomely cool man fashions deserve a post of their own.  In other words......


And nothing says MANTIQUE quite like crushed velvet leisure suits.  Oh wait, I though it was the tunics that said MANTIQUE.  So many choices!!!

Kay appears to be none too pleased about this shocking change for the Kathy Loghry Blogspot. (2) Well, that's too bad, because......


"But I don't want to wear a puffy shirt!!"  Sorry, puffy shirts are mandatory in MANTIQUE world!!

That's the look that says "Yep, I'm gay."

Yes indeed!  The MANTIQUE man certainly knows his fashion! After all one can never have too many leisure suits!

Words .Escape. Me.

Saturday Night Fever had nothing on MANTIQUE fever.  And I don't know what to make of that look by the guy on the right.  Perhaps he's scoping out that guy in the puffy shirt.........

This seems pretty tame by Mantique standards.  Oh wait, it's not part of the Mantique collection. That explains that!

What sort of man is a MANTIQUE man? Whether he's killing it in long tunics or crushed velvet leisure suits, he's always in style.  No matter what the season, he always has his babe at his side (except for that guy in the fifth pic, that's another story.)  He's a man confident in who he is and what he wears.  He is a MANTIQUE man!

I'm sure that by now many of my loyal readers are asking "Okay, these Mantique fashions are pretty awesome.  But HOW awesome??  Is there a way to measure that?"

Well yes, yes there is.  Remember our AI post from a couple of weeks ago?  Let's take that first pic and run it though the awesomeness meter..... says that MANTIQUE is 88.9% Awesome.  So its not as awesome as those pictures of Kathy and the gang, but pretty gosh darn AWESOME!!


(1) After putting this post together it dawned on me that perhaps I had the pronunciation of  the word Mantique wrong.  I originally assumed a Spanish pronunciation: man-TE-kay.  But perhaps it is French and is man-TEEK (rhythms with boutique.)  Either way, it's cool.

(2) Was Kay in every freaking catalog during the 70s?!?

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