Monday, April 17, 2017

When Life was Groovy, Part 5 - Spring Dresses!

And nothing, NOTHING made live groovier than those wonderful Spring dresses from from those wonderfully groovy Big Book catalogs.

Sigh, those were the days my friend!!

This post is going to be heavy on the Spring dress in Spring settings with Springily gorgeous models like here with Kay, Kathy, and Karen.

Or here with the other Kathy (Jackson) and Colleen......

...or here with Shelley.  Heck we're just getting started and I'm ready for Spring for sure now!!

 I've seen these patterns before, Where oh where,...OH!! I know.  I've seen them in hhall carpets in motels.

For the animal spirit in you.....

 Karen has got that "Yeah, I'm killing it" look.  And why not?  She is!!

Hmmm, in the big pic, Wendy is in white and Kay is in black.....BUT in the inset pic, it's reversed. That must have been one interesting wardrobe change........................Oh wait.  Sorry about that.  My mind wandered a bit there.

 "Hey Karen, over here, it's me, remember?"  How embarrassing. I got rejected for a bird.

 There is nothing to say here except "Dang that;'s groovy!!"

 No, no I don't.  NOBODY could ever have enough dresses like these.

 "Hey girls, Hey, it's me.  Hey over here!"  Drat, now they don't even need a bird to not notice me!!

Spring dresses didn't just come in the short variety.  No, no, no!  They were long and elegant also.

Hey!  How'd a pantsuit sneak in a post about dresses?  Despite that, Pam and Kathy look quite fetching in their "man-tailoring" outfits.  Sorry, didn't work.  Both are still looking very feminine.

Speaking of feminine, Jane and Kathy are certainly that and more!!

A perfect way to end this post.  Kathy in an elegantly long Springtime dress standing next to a......giant potted plant.  Oh well.  They should have stuck to the outdoor park scenes instead!

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