Monday, August 21, 2017

K Club Special Part 37, Joan Paulson!

Joan Paulson was a mainstay in the Big Book catalogs during the mid 60s into the early 70s  Her career overlapped that of Kathy's by a few years.

Yep, that's Joan giving the boot to a fallen down Kathy.  Hmmmm, Perhaps there is more here than meets the eye??  After all, Joan was the blonde catalog model of the 60s and Kathy was the blonde catalog model of the 70s. Some jealousy perchance?!?!? (1)

Nobody is getting kicked around here.  Joan and Colleen seem very interested in what is off camera to their left.

And now all the models are looking down at the ground.  At Joan and Kathy seem to have made up. and there's another Kathy, Kathy Jackson on the right.

Joan looking very groovy baby in a 1971 Sears sale circular.

"Hey buddy!  Turn that fan down!  Joan and Kay are about to get blown away!"

Both Kathy and Kay in wigs in this pic from Bellas Hess.

 And now Joan is in a wig!

And now we are back to Kathy in a wig. What is this? A wig post?!?

 Joan with Shelley Hack!  And she's in a wig too!!

 Joan with Cay, no wigs here!  Finally!

And finally, three of the cutest blonde models of all time in one shot: Joan, Karen, and L Kathy. What a great pic!

On Pinterst, there is a page called My Model Mom (2) that is about Joan Paulson, and has a ton of pics.  I thought about posting some from this site, however, most of them are all over the internet so I'll just post two.

 That's Sooooo 60s!



(1) Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi. Thanks!

(2) I almost made "My Model Mom" part of the title of this post, but I was afraid that people would think that she was MY mom, which she isn't.