Monday, August 14, 2017

The Little Book Catalogs - Jewel Tea!

Many, many times, we have featured the Big Book catalogs form the major retailers of the 70s such as Sears , Penneys, Spiegel, Wards, etc.  But there were a whole other level of retailers vying for the consumer dollar back then.  And Jewel Tea was one of them!

But although they were smaller the Little Book catalogs had all of our favorite models of the 70s like Kathy along with Colleen and Joanne.

More top models of the 70s in Jewel Tea!  Looks like the gang is all here!

And it wasn't just fashions, no, no, no.  Jewel Tea carried all the groovy items of the 70s like lava lamps, black light lamps, and my favorite the starlite action mood lite!

Maybe we should get back to the models like Kathy and Kay.

And that deserves a close up of Kathy!

This pic just simply screams 70s.......

Even the clothes had those groovy 70s colors!!

Jewel Tea had all the latest fashions for the woman of the 70s!!

A really nice pic of Kathy and a smiling Colleen!!

Okay, there is one Jewel Tea catalog that got away.  It is from 1974 and I only have one pic from it....
Yeah I'm on the look out for this one.  I'll get it eventually!!

Jewel Tea went out of business in 1981.  For a brief history of the company, check this out......

Jewel Tea History


  1. My Grandma often talked about the Jewel Tea man that came to her house in Superior, Nebraska in the 1970s. I don't think I saw this kind of catalog at her house.

    1. That's pretty cool! I never heard of the company until recently.