Monday, September 4, 2017

We Are Back Online!!

Hey everyone, we made it through Harvey okay!  Thanks to everyone who sent emails inquiring about us!  They were much appreciated.

It seems like a year has passed, but it was only the week before last when Harvey blew up in the Bay of Campeche and made a beeline straight towards Corpus.  In truth, it caught everyone a bit off guard.  So we had to made the decision on whether to ride it out or bug out.

The Fantasy......
Please note that is NOT me, just some Random Man Boob Guy (RMBG) whose bravado is larger than his brain.  I'm not sure what the shotgun is supposed to do.  But based on its positioning, perhaps it is to compensate for other shortcomings....

The Reality.......
Unfortunately that WAS me.  At least until we bugged out to the Hill Country.

It's never a good day when you wake up and see this guy broadcasting live from your home town.

Yep, time to pack up the kids, dogs, and old folks and GTFO!

We Okies know a thing or two about bugging out!

Later that night at our hotel room.  I think we made the correct call.  It's kind of weird sitting around a hotel and watching all this on TV.

Yep, we were thinking the same thing "Why are you standing out in the hurricane?  Why not just go inside?  What is the point of this?" and finally "You must have REALLY pissed off your boss!"

Overall we can't complain.  After we got back we were without power for several days and we had some fence and tree damage, but we were lucky.  Basically if Harvey had hit about 30 miles to the south, we would have been underwater due to the storm surge.  I have several friends who had property in Rockport and it is pretty much a complete loss.  Also, as you know, Houston got horrible flooding.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Next week we'll return to our regular programming featuring the groovy Big Book catalogs of the 70s. Until then!

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