Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let It Rain!

Finally, we got some rain!  I mean it's been like TWO years since we we've had some significant rainfall where I'm at (we count anything over 1" as "significant", which is sad)!  And what better way to celebrate than looking back on some groovy 70s rain gear fashions!

Riders on the storm.....Ah, yes, why not start out with some smashing 70s wet weather gear featuring Kathy and another model in some long all weather coats!  Oh, wait, Kathy isn't wearing a coat, exactly.  Noooo, it's a long, oversized cape with holes in it so that you can stick out your arms (and it has the groovy 70s-style collar and plenty of buttons!).   So it was kinda like a high-fashion version of a poncho - with arm holes.  I bet THAT didn't look strange or anything!  Of course, these gals wouldn't quite be ready to be out-on-the-town without the knit hat and groovy go-go style boots (complete with racing stripes).  Just because it's sloppy outside is certainly no excuse to not be stylish!

Raindrops keep falling on my head...Not so fast there!  Those pesky raindrops won't bother Kay, Kathy and the gang here.  Why?  Well because they are sporting the best of 70s raingear. What? you say.  "How does one make raingear groovy in that special 70s way?"  Well, easy.  Throw on some happenin' scarfs - which match the umbrella - and some awesomely oversized handbags - which also match - and presto! You've got 70s grooviness that'll light up the world regardless of the gloomy skies!

You're Looking at VALUE, you betcha!  Once again, more scarfs.  I guess they are added protection in case the umbrella leaks or something.  The hats are also stylish for any rain storm - Kathy's hat smartly matching her raincoat!  And as a special 70s bonus, you gotta love the double collars on these "Simply Smashing" all weather short coats.

Okay, the next two pics go together.  They are the left and right halves of the same spread. First the left half..
Yes "Some Call them All-Weather Coats".  Well yes, I guess, what else would you call them?

Now the right half......
Oh, so JCPenney elects to call them "What to wear Anywhere, Anytime".  Actually "All Weather Coats" is a bit more succinct wouldn't you say?

Nevertheless, all these coats are simply smashing.  On the first pic, you gotta love the crushed blue velvet jacket (which looks a little big on Kathy?).  It kinda looks like a cross between something a ship's captain would wear and something you'd see in a Barry Manilow video.  Also, the model in the white coat keeps looking up.  Maybe checking the weather perhaps?

On the bottom pic, Karen is decked out in Native American garb (which I'm SURE is authentic.  After all, JCP wouldn't put out anything that wasn't authentic, would it?).  See, she even has pigtails to match! Of course the strawberry blonde hair doesn't look EXACTLY in character.

Colleen models "The Rain Dodgers".  No not the LA Dodgers.  Of course if these models had the groovy monogrammed umbrellas from the second pic, they wouldn't have to dodge the rain!

Here, Colleen looks ready for a stylish safari (no, not surfin' safari, a regular one) in "The Pac-Jac".  The side pack goes with the jacket and can be either attached to the jacket (hence the name) or removed and worn like a handbag.  Also, we are assured that both are treated with ZePel to resist water and oily stains - perfect for the on-the-go gal dashing from the subway terminal to her job in the busy city.  Well, perfect except that the concept never really caught on.

As a bonus, you may notice a teeney, tiny pic of Kathy (in a wig).  I didn't even see that until I uploaded the photo.

It's a "Rainclassic" for sure!  You'll stay dry from head to toe in that thing for sure!  I guess they are expecting some cool spring weather with that turtle neck!  I'm not sure that outfit would work in 100 deg + days we've been having this summer!

So I hope that wherever ya'll are, that you are not in a massive drought like us.  Remember to keep the groovy 70s raingear handy just in case!

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