Thursday, July 11, 2013

What to Expect When You're Expecting - Part 2

Yeah, I know what you're thinking "Hey dummy, don't you look at your blogger stats?  Don't you know that the first post on 70s maternity wear was the worst viewed yet on this bog?!?!  Hello?!?"  To that, all I have to say is this "Duh, I know that, but this is the KATHY LOGHRY blogspot and she did a heck of a lot of modeling maternity wear in her time.  Also, it's not like I can do swimsuit posts EVERY week, so what am I to do?" (1)

Oh wait, I see, I can post a pic of MATERNITY swimwear and kind of have it both ways.  Hey, let's face it, Kathy is absolutely smoking it in this pic - maternity or not.  I love the photo in the upper left with the bandanna.  It is like "Okay, I'll wear this to make me look like I'm suffering through pregnancy, but I know I'm still rockin' it!, yeah!"  The pic on the right is awesome, no more commentary needed.

Plaids while "waiting", yeah baby.  I love the title "machine washable partners make the waiting easy"  Of course!, like the main thing a pregnant gal is worried about is the "washability" of her clothes.  It's like "oh gawd, I'm miserable, but thank goodness for these JCPenney 'machine washable' maternity clothes, that make the waiting easy!"

Of course "Moms-to-be" enjoy the wait (who wouldn't) in "with-it" styles.  Yeah, that's the most important thing  to be "in style".  Still, like always, Kathy (and Kay) impress in their ability to pull off the cute look in any genre of clothing.

"Great, new sportive" look while expecting.  Why of course! no reason to not be "sportive" during this "special" time!

"The look is bright", why are they always trying to cheer these gals up, like they've done something wrong?  Oh wait, maybe they did, my bad there.

"The look is natural", what the heck is that supposed to mean?  Once again, standard maternity stuff.  Why don't they just come out and say "Hey, you're pregnant, good luck with that!"

Finally, because we are always looking for the most awesomeness fashions...

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean yo can't wear groovy 70s "gull wings" on your formal dress!  Imagine stepping out in this creation at the local country club party.  With those wings, nobody will notice that you are wearing maternity clothes!


(1) Also, I would like to remind my gentle readership of the important mission of this blog - that of the proper historical chronicling of all fashion trends from the 70s Big Book catalogs (including maternity wear) for future scholarship and research into this important, and defining, time period in the ongoing evolution of human civilization.   That, and having a good time checking out the groovy fashions!


  1. Hmm.. I'm thinking I like those styles better than todays style of stretching a size small ultra thin t-shirt over a size XXX belly!


    1. Oh, I heartily agree! Although "The Look is Natural", I am a firm believer in modesty and decorum. Additionally, these maternity styles from the 70s were a cue that one was, indeed, pregnant. That avoided the awkward "Oh are you pregnant?" followed by the icy stare that lets you know that you just really blew it.

    2. Just love looking at all these photos...Kathy Loghry was so fresh looking. The styles are so fun...

  2. These girls make all the styles look good. I like the styles.