Thursday, July 4, 2013

That's So 70s: Fashion as Couples Therapy - Part 3!

See last weeks poll results at bottom (1)!
Shows you what I know!  What started out as, I thought, a single post on the subject has become one of the most popular subjects yet on this blog.  Well I SHOULD have known, dag nab it!  After all, nothing quite says 70s fashions as much as "His N' Hers" matching outfits!  So let's get to it!

I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free....Okay, since it IS the 4th of July week, let's start off with a little flashback to the summer of 1976 - which was the big Bicentennial year.  I remember that as a "sort of" big deal (2).  However, and I make this comment purely as an apolitical, dispassionate observer, when I peruse the catalogs of that year, what  I see is a rather subdued (by today's standard anyway) set of offerings on the event.  This pic here is about as "rah, rah" as you can find and even this focuses more on heritage than pure "USA, USA".  Like I said, not making a judgement either way, just saying...

Serious stuff aside, now this is more like it.  Kathy is with a guy who has pigs on his shirt?!?!?!? Say what?!?!?!  I can't really tell what the picture is on Kathy's shirt, but I really don't want to know at this point .  The gal in the upper pic is Jayne Modean who was a big model in the mid to late 70s and, I do believe, that this is her first appearance in this blog - congrats, I guess?  As far as the three guy "couple" n the lower right, no comment,  not that type of blog.

I'm sorry, but this pic disturbs me greatly.  Why is the couple in the groove-o-delic shirts holding a baseball bat?  Otherwise, it looks like an ordinary 70s "key party" scene except for that odd fact - images of the cult movie "Eating Raul" somehow come to mind.  Like I said - disturbing, subliminally disturbing.

While we are on the "fun-a-delic" theme...

Fun Fare! Yeah Baby!  Check out the happenin' hats, vests, and booties here!  Yep - that's so 70s!, but wait there's more!!!!

You want "rustic", yep we can "Make it Rustic" and Kathy can pull that look off too!  The lesson here is that, if a guy wears flannel, expect to be single - even in a catalog.

Finally, to round out this summer edition of couples fashions....

Eke gads, summertime stripes to the max baby!  Let's roll to the beach in these smashing sand n' surf fashions with mega stripes!  Let's shoot the Bonzi Pipeline in style baby!


(1) Well, in a bit of a surprise (At least from my perspective) the results of last week's poll are thus: Sears walloped JCP, winning 2 of the 3 rounds with the third round ending in a draw.  Congrats (35 years after the fact) to Sears.

(2) I know, I know, you can't delve into any kind of comment that is remotely political without pissing someone off.  However, these comments were made PURELY in my role as a historical blogger - you can read your own political prejudices into them, whatever.  If you MUST know my political affiliation, it is this - a pox on all of them (okay NSA, I mean Skynet, I mean The Borg, just kidding - really, just kidding around here, just a silly little blog, no harm no foul, right, RIGHT, I know resistance is futile, AHHHHHH!).

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